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09-26-2013, 06:36 AM
An important thing to think about within this game framework is that each deck is limited to just 1 faction. In most TCG's, this is not the case--there are limiters, but players can get around them through skilled deckbuilding--MtG and YuGiOh are good examples. However, in digital CCG's, the idea of hard-limiting factions is more popular, such as within SolForge and Urban Rivalz. This game is in that same Digital CCG group, but unlike SolForge, this game started with 4 factions, and has such increased to 6. I cannot imagine that Ubisoft would stop with 6 factions, however, as 3 major parts of the Might and Magic mythology, Dwarves, Elves, and Dark Elves (Fortress, Sylvan, and Dungeon) have not even been touched, and there are still even more places to go beyond that. So I believe that something should be done to curb what I am going to refer to as "Faction Dilution", the idea of having too many factions in 1 booster, so when players purchase a new pack, they get disappointed because there is nothing they can use.

Part 1: Sets

Like I mentioned above, there are at least 3 possibilities for new factions:

Fortress -- Dwarves, Winter-theme, Runic Magic and Siege Weapons (good/neutral)
Sylvan -- Elves, Forest-theme, "Blessing" magic and high-damage, camouflaged units (good)
Dungeon -- Dark Elves and Dragons, Underground-theme, Destructive magic and poison (evil)

Currently we also have 6 factions, but let's look at them from an "alignment" standpoint:

Haven -- Good
Necropolis -- Evil
Inferno -- Evil
Stronghold -- Evil
Sanctuary -- Good
Academy -- Good

It is also quite possible to tag Academy and Stronhold as "Neutral", which would turn my division into 3, but would not destroy the concept. Let's keep it to 2 for the sake of argument.

Part 2: Next Booster Suggestion

I recommend that Ubisoft sticks with a policy of 1 booster being focused on 1 faction, and the next booster fleshing out every current faction. In that light, the next booster to come out will have 6 factions to use (because Forgotten Wars is focused on Academy). For the next booster, I recommend that there be three options of purchase (with example prices):

"Light" Pack -- Only contains creatures from Haven, Academy, and Sanctuary with a lower rate of Neutral creatures and has High rates of Light, Air, and Water magic, a medium rate of Primal magic, and Low rates of the other 3 -- 21,000 Gold per pack
"Dark" Pack -- Only contains creatures from Necropolis, Inferno, and Stronghold with a lower rate of Neutral creatures and has High rates of Dark, Fire, and Earth magic, a medium rate of Primal magic, and Low rates of the other 3 -- 21,000 Gold per pack
"Twilight" Pack -- Same as current, completely random system -- 18,500 Gold per pack

This will allow players to pay a small premium to get focused packs depending upon what types of creatures/options they are looking for.

Part 3: Long-Term Suggestion

Eventually, another faction will likely come out, at which time this division might not work so cleanly. So I suggest that Ubisoft use one of the best ideas from Urban Rivalz, and allow players to choose a set of factions that they wish to receive cards from when they buy a booster (but only for boosters that have above 6 factions).

This will not happen on boosters that have a specific faction focus, like Forgotten Wars and Void Rising, because those are already focused enough on the faction they are introducing. This will only occur with the "in between" boosters, like Herald of the Void was, and for boosters that have a large pool of cards, like a possible change to Emilio's Packs could be (or a new pack type entirely).

For these boosters, when players purchase them, they get a screen where they must choose *at least* 3 factions, and 3 spell schools. A player could choose more, but it would be disadvantageous to do so. The booster will then be limited to supplying only cards within those categories. "Events" should be always enabled for any booster, and Neutral creatures/fortunes should always be able to appear in these boosters, but at lower rates.


As I had learned from Urban Rivalz, giving players more options when buying a booster really increases the fun players have when they are deciding how to spend their resources. Players enjoy the feeling of opening a new pack, but that enjoyment can quickly turn to frustration if there are cards in the pack that the player has no possible use for (because they may not have the right hero to play the card, or it is a faction they have no support in). The meta will always be changing, meaning one pack players might be more likely to buy certain factions than others, but later, a few new cards will make them want to go back and revisit that pack for cards that synergize well with the new content. Moreover, this allows for an additional type of gold sink, because charging a higher rate for the "better" version of boosters will definitely be the preferred option for high-end players trying to top off their decks. I really hope that such a feature could be introduced into the game as it would definitely be a building block in maintaining a long-term set of players.

10-27-2013, 10:44 AM
+1 :) Like your idea although it is a month ago!!!

10-29-2013, 08:11 PM
I'm not sure this is necessary and only interesting for starting players. Now with wildcards you can already grab specific cards you need anyways. The shop is already huge and having packs that limit the cards available to a sub-set is a good idea for starting players, but isn't really valuable afterwards.

The real source of faction-specific cards right now are the starter decks, but these are over priced and have mainly common cards in them.

I'd rather see the starter decks completely rebuilt or just dramatically reduced in price.

Since starter decks are mainly for new players, it should be cheap and easy to buy them. I'm not sure off the top of my head how many uncommons and rares are in each one, but it isn't many. The price should be the cost of those rares+uncommons and then just a trivial amount extra for the commons. I would imagine the price of it more appropriately around 300 to 500 seals (x100 for gold). The goal of the started decks should be to let people explore more factions quickly, before they get tired of their one faction and leave the game. So you don't want starter decks to be priced high, they should be very cheap and thus tempting for starting player who are at 800 Elo or less. Started decks are really just a crutch between the novice player and the mid-experienced one, so the price has to reflect that.

You could add 6 packs to the shop if you wanted to explore this, and have each pack be an "Emilo" for that specific faction (+neutrals), and priced at 20,000k/200 seals from any expansion. The pack would contain a regular set of 10 cards (3 uncommon, 1 rare) but only for a specific faction. Starting players might then be tempted and lured into buying such packs to build their initial decks.

I know I wouldn't buy it, and in the long term it is not economic, but for a new player it could be a nice way to boost your starting deck. Heck, I'd throw in one bonus "faction specific" pack for your starting choice every two levels from 10 to level 20 to encourage you to keep playing and get deeper into the game.