View Full Version : AC Revelations, a couple of observations.

09-25-2013, 04:09 PM
I'm British. I live in Izmir in Turkey and work as an interpreter and translator. I have, by marriage, many Turkish relatives in Canada. You would think with Ubisoft's profits and standard of excellence they would have been able to employ real Turkish voice-over actors The actor Haluk Bilginer would have been an excellent choice for Piri Reis. He is no stranger to Hollywood either. My wife was (now retired) one of Turkey's most respected voice-over actors. She voiced Gollum and young Anakin Skywalker for TRT. So, we know a thing or two about dubbing. Most of the Turkish pronunciation is appalling. Sofia Sartor lived most of her life in Istanbul, so why is her Turkish pronunciation so bad? None of the Turks said Istanbul properly, with the stress on the A. Some of the phrases used by the Turks in the game are not used by Turks in real life. Nobody says "kopekoglu" They say "itogulit" Son of a hound. The game credits show that a non-Turk wrote the ambient Turkish dialogue. You need to consult with native speakers and experts and not cut corners, not go cheap. It's not as if you can't find Turks in Canada. Toronto is full of Turks, as is Montreal.

Also. You cannot sail from Istanbul to Kapadokya (Cappadocia). There is no river, no waterways of any sort connecting Istanbul to inland Central Anatolia. Get your facts straight Ubi.

Don't understand why some of my assassins' dens are locked out all the time. I've recruited everybody and leveled them up. Why are my dens locked out?

Lack of horses makes getting around a bit tiresome. Cannot complete the Thieves Guild "counter-theft" quest. Nobody robs me in this game, unlike in AC2 when i was getting mugged all the time.

On the upside. Excellent story. Amazing panoramas and graphics. The attention to detail is breathtaking - the stone work, the kaftans and entaris worn by the people, the old wooden houses, the Grand Bazar, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Haghia Sofia. Brilliant. Well done.

Desmond's story is captivating. I play AC as much for Desmond's story as for the action.

With the exception of the Turkish language errors and the "sail to Cappadocia" disaster, the game is great 9/10.