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09-24-2013, 09:59 AM
Hey guys!
Is there any news on how will work the chance to get a Wild card?

I'm saving seals and money by now, but I've got some unopened packs due to achievements and some swiss tounaments. Shouldn't I open them, cause after release of the expansion I'll have a chance to see there some wild cards too? It's really important to me!

P.S.: And maybe there is some suggestions on a % chance for all the packs? Can i get a Wild Card from small packs or only from reinforcements? What abou hero-packs or Emilio's? Can i get Wild Cards only in purchased packs, or from all of the sources (tournament prizes, achievements, etc.)?

09-24-2013, 02:27 PM
They've been fairly tight-lipped about it and haven't given any concrete percentages yet. All we really know so far are the following:

-Packs acquired prior to the implementation of the Wildcard system will not have wildcards in them. So if you already have packs and were thinking of saving them for the expansion, don't bother. Just open them now.

-Individual packs bought with gold will have a certain % chance of giving you a wildcard.

-Individual packs bought with seals will have a guaranteed wildcard.

-Boxes will apparently have a set # of wildcards guaranteed, and each pack within will have a certain % chance of giving you a wildcard.

-Theoretically the cost of cards in wildcards was going to be 1/3/5/8 for common/uncommon/rare/epic from the base set. The cost for VR and HoV was going to be 2x and 3x the base set cost, respectively. However, in the recent Forgotten Wars spoiler video they talked briefly about the wildcard system and some of the numbers looked slightly different. They also stated the #s being shown in that stream were not necessarily finalized and could change before launch. I would use the numbers I posted as a general guideline though, as it will probably be close to the actual numbers at launch.

09-24-2013, 04:30 PM
Great thanks for the respond!)))

P.S.: Got some useful cards from this packs! :-)