View Full Version : uplay and blacklist support

09-15-2013, 08:25 PM
Hey so i have understand that ubisoft doesnt really seem to care for their costumers beacuse i have tried to email them a few weeks ago but they doesnt care to answear so i try the forum.
1.Me and 4 friends got blacklist because we canted to play togheter but noone can join eachothers and we all have open ports so we figure it cannot be the ports. we have tried to look on internet and all we can find is that there is something about a patch but we cant find it?. we are running on uplay and have the latest patch that comes with uplay.

2.when i have played a game on uplay it says uploading to cloud but when i play on another pc with the same acount i have to start rfom beginning, whats the point of uploading to cloud when i cannot even use them?
plz answear