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09-06-2013, 10:55 PM
Some of you already know what I am talking about, but for those that don't let me explain the Auto Attack & Manual Camera in Assassins Creed Multiplayer:

Auto Attack

Have you ever been walking near your target or pursuer that you have locked and noticed that the you either turn around and stun your pursuer OR kill your target that you DO NOT have locked? I believe this is do to an auto attack feature OR some type of priority system built in the game. I am assuming this was put in place to help but in fact it hinders more than help. The fact is the game should execute actions based only on the gamers decision. This not only will help the player get better, but make sure the player has control of the sequence of events he wishes to execute. In my opinion this auto attack/priority system should be removed from the game & I would love to know everyones opinion on this subject.

Manual Camera

The manual camera is fantastic, it allows you to control the camera at all times without re-aligning itself thus giving you control of where to look in order to see your target or pursuer. There is one minor problem with the manual camera though, and that is that when you take a corner helper (those things that let you swing around the corner of a building) the camera stays in manual mode, this presents a problem because the camera ends up being turned at a 90 degree angle when you land around the corner, so continuing to run forward WITHOUT re-aligning the camera (This takes time and breaks the flow of the game) will only lead to you jumping off to the left or right. The manual camera in my opinion should stay the way it is BUT should change to automatic around all corner helpers so that the player can continue his run smoothly and uninterrupted. This is the second subject I would love to know everyones opinion on.

Also if its possible and anyone knows the answer, I would like to know if these mechanics have changed or will change in Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag.

Thank You.

Ultima Powers 7
09-09-2013, 04:30 PM
Search for threads with 'auto-lock' in them... Also 'OMG fix this ubi you douc.he gophers'.

You are a little late to the party, son.

Here, i done one for you to start you off:


09-09-2013, 04:49 PM
Search for threads with 'auto-lock' in them... Also 'OMG fix this ubi you ******-squirrels'.

Leave squirrels out if this!

Ultima Powers 7
09-09-2013, 05:11 PM
Leave squirrels out if this!

Hahaha sorry buddy, it was the first noun that came to mind. I will edit to reflect my respect for your rat of choice (the tree rat aka squirrels).