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09-06-2013, 05:37 PM
3:12 Pirate jumping from railing
3:21 Pirate glitching in the left corner
3:25 Cannon shooting while not populated
3:45 Pirate does a weird jump on the cannon in the right corner of the screen
3:45 Bird flickering in screen
4:06 Pirate does weird behaviour in the rope
4:10 Cannon already moving tot the other side while you are shooting
5:06 Flash of the Gameplay view after button pressed
5:14 Armor disappears from the right pirate on the railing
8:48 2nd pirate at the right side flickering


1:14 The dress of the woman is flickering
2:29 The guy is doing a weird short sprint


0:16 Pirate behaves weird in the rope
0:35 Crab right to the head of the dead sailor is flickering
1:03 Pirate step too fast from the cannon
1:46 Pirate walking at the railing at the left rotates for a moment into the wrong direction
3:06 The chameleon walks shortly in the air
4:02 Pirate got sort of glitched for a moment because he was unable to climb
4:11 The pirate does the first step from on the stair in a weird way, he runs in the air and then falls down.
4:28 Pirate walks against another pirate for a moment in the middle
4:39 Pirate falls from the rope
6:51 The pirate and soldier behind don't do anything then standing
7:11 Persons disappear when the camera goes further away


0:16/ 0:22 Looks like the pirate doesn't know if he must climb up or down, he jumps weirdly from the railing
0:17 Second pirate at the right flickering
0:51 Barmen disappears for a moment
0:56 Leg of the pirate behind behaves weird
4:53 Axe flies away
5:45 Guard falls on the rocks in the air, then falls down
5:59 All pirates are getting a shock when the alert of the enemy ship arrives
7:05 Pirate jumps in a weird way to the rope
7:07 Pirate jumps from your ship to the enemy ship and turns immediately
9:24 Pirate jumps on the rope, his leg is not moving normally.

09-11-2013, 03:35 PM
1:38 Pirate nearby the mast does a weird half circle move
2:14 The pirate right behind you got stucked while walking
2:55 The pirate near you is jumping weird
3:12 Pirate right behind you is still stucked
3:20 Something at the middle of the boat is flickering
3:28 Pirate right behind you is still stucked
3:28 The pirate near you is jumping weird again
4:20 Pirate right behind you is still stucked
4:58 Pirate right behind you is still stucked, now you are able to see the glitch very well
6:33 A pirate runns against you
6:34 The body of the soldier standing at the right moves weirdly at the moment you get attacked

2:50 The arms of the pirate look like they are in the railing
3:32 Woman got stuck while walking
4:12 The people react like they see the kill in the cinematic, but after the kill they behave normal
4:22 One man walks away backwards while he is not seeing your gun

1:41 Pirate appears in the screen while you are almost near him
3:33 When killed your body moves downwards
4:35 Pirate jumping on you, looks weird
5:00 Pirate standing in the air
9:04 Walking of the NPC looks bugged

09-11-2013, 05:56 PM
Trailers are not always made from the final code - since the game is constantly under development, until it goes 'gold' - so some errors may always sneak in..

Bit like the gameplay demos - they normally dumb down the AI and make sure there is infinite ammo etc..


I'm sure you know that ;)

09-12-2013, 08:22 AM
Thanks for your reply! I understand that it's probably not the final code.
I was just interested if I could find something interesting like glitches or weird moments in the trailer.
I'm so interested in this because I discovered so many "bugs" and glitches in Assassin's Creed III.
If you are interested, please check my articles of AC3 and AC Revelations on my site.