View Full Version : [PC] How do I find out what version of a game I have?

09-03-2013, 10:14 PM
I have purchased Blacklist and tied it to my uplay account and have been playing it, I notice that when I launch the game, I get an update that fails once it downloads. As far as I can see it is trying to download and apply patch 1.00a but as I understand we are at patch 1.01 on PC right?

How do I see what version of Blacklist I have installed currently? I am also having to download patch 1.01 from here: http://splintercell.ubi.com/blacklist/en-US/home/news.aspx?c=tcm:152-108743-16&ct=tcm:148-76770-32


09-03-2013, 10:19 PM
Here is the log when it fails to patch :

Trying to get update information to C:\Users\Will\AppData\Local\Temp\ubi23BF.tmp.
Found update (Patch, all, all).
Found existing file for target, attempting resume(C:\Users\Will\AppData\Local\Temp\ubi6340.tm p.exe, (Patch, all, all))
Trying to download update file from http://static3.cdn.ubi.com/splinter_cell_blacklist/Blacklist_Patch_v1.00a.exe. Destination: C:\Users\Will\AppData\Local\Temp\ubi6340.tmp.exe.
Successfully downloaded update file.
Verifying downloaded file's CRC: 718fb677. Expected: f7cd088a.
The downloaded file CRC does not match the CRC specified in the version file.
The downloaded file had an error.

09-03-2013, 11:03 PM
update: I downloaded 1.01 and patched manually, and when I launched Blacklist it started downloading 1.02 and is currently installing the patch