View Full Version : Facebook group for Black Flag videos

09-02-2013, 02:54 PM
Hi guy :)

As a small youtube channel I'm only too aware how difficult it can be to get our work 'out there' and seen, it's a tugh worl on YouTube!

As an experiment, I'm starting facebook groups for people to share & promote videos for specific games, one of which will be dedicated for Assassins Creed IV

I'd like to invite anyone producing fan content, now and on release to this group page, I obviously can't promise it will help to any great extent, but at the same time it doesn;'t hurt to have another place to post your content!

Anyone familiar with backlinks will know how important it is to have your videos show their presence across multiplae social media sites nowadays, and I'm sue will agree with me on this. (If you're not familiar with backlinks and you would like miore views on your content I highly recommend googling it)

It may occur to some that I am just doing a shameless self-promotion bit here, please be assured that of course, like anyone else producin content I like my work to be seen, but I have also always been about sharing and helping others to do well. sharing IS caring after all!

Here's the link to the fb group, I look forward to your submissions!


PS any comments, suggestions or feedback are very much appreciated, and if you like this idea please show your support by keeping the thread alive and of course, posting on the fb page, thanks!