View Full Version : AC4 Number of sequences

08-28-2013, 03:30 PM
Uplay have published an action: Complete 13 sequence, so this means the game has 13, or more than 13 sequences, here's a photo. http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/3959/vrv1.png I dont know if it means something to you, but i really wanted to share what i've seen.

08-28-2013, 03:48 PM
Cool to know, though Sequence number means nothing, really.

AC3 had 12 sequences and 44 missions in the campaign.
ACR had 9 sequences and 52 missions.

So we don't really have an indication on how long the game is.

08-28-2013, 08:07 PM
The rewards have been updated as well, with the Toledo Blades for 30 units.