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08-27-2013, 11:03 PM
First of all: I am so excited - the atmosphere took me right back to times i played M&M IX...

opinions/bugs encountered:

1. Combats difficulty seems pretty balanced already at this stage (with the exception of the ghosts). You could even "up" the difficulty a little on the "mini bosses".

2. Food... Not quite tuned yet (going hungry mid-way in a dungeon having to run out for food, isn't fun - "endless food" isn't what Im asking for, but not quite as punishing as on the beta. Remember a part of your playerbase are old now - we are not as light on our feet as we used to be :-)

3. Armor/Weapon: Breaks to fast - same as in #2. Introduce repair repair skill or repair kit?

4. Classes: Hunters (and hunters only) should get something like fire arrows or something similar to make them "stick out" - at this stage, I couldnt see any reason to pick a hunter over, say, an orc with a bow. (though Im sure things will be different at higher lvl... I know...I know...)... I could go on here, but since I dont know what you already have planned, il hang on a sec...

5. Quests: Really like them - just bring more! :-)

6. Dungeons: Seemed short, but (again) I sure you have more made and planned...

7. Monsters: Give us the most scary and big ones you got! Id suggest a couple of "super-monsters" per Act. Please.

8. Bugs: Iwe seemed the lot on the forum already, to be honest - can't really bring anything new to the table.

9. Length: Im pretty sure the early access does not represent Act 1 of 4 as in "25 % of the total game", since I used about 16 hours... you just wouldn't be that mean.

Well...this list wasn't really useful, when I think of it, was it? More like a greeting to let yo know Im counting weeks until the release!