View Full Version : Suggestion for Item Break Change

08-27-2013, 02:15 AM
From what I read from the devs in the upcoming patch was that items have a 10% chance of breaking when specific conditions were met, ie blocking a critical attack with a shield.
My suggestion would be to implement durability. An item could have 10/10 durability. And each time said shield blocks a critical attack, that durability drops down 1. That would require 10 critical shield blocks to break the shield. With this example, it becomes a lot more manageable. I hate that whole relying on luck for something as detrimental as your shield/weapon breaking. Yes you can have duplicates of weapons to spare. But that would only work for gimp weapons that are found early in game. There is no replacement for that ultimate Excalibur or whatever if it breaks on the first round of a boss fight. That is just bad implementation.

08-27-2013, 02:55 AM
it should be made somewhat calculateable since nothing sucks more to step out of town after you repaired all your stuff and first fight *bam* broke again...
back to town for repair
and maybe if you have bad luck it breaks again ^^
but if it stays like this
there should be atleast something to repair weapons between fights
so you have to deal with broke weapons but can repair them on your own with some negatives to it so the smith in town doesnt get useless