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08-26-2013, 02:23 PM
Hello, just want to share some of my thoughts , after I've cleared the EAV.
First of all, as a fan of Isles of Terra and Xeen as well as Dungeon Master , Bard's Tale and Wizardry , I appreciate every oppertunity the play a game similar to those classics.

I thought the Legend of Grimrock did a great job to revive turnbased party RPGs and showing the big distributors that this genre still has a solid fanbase.

After spending some hours with MMX there are a lot of things I really (don't) like:

* Level Up: I like the fact that it takes a fair amount of time , even in the beginning, to level up your party. In other games you are being overwhelmed with level ups in the first few hours. Gaining skills in a slower pace gives you the chance of getting used to the skills. Tying equipment to the skill level is a two edged sword. It prevents your party from being to mighty but also limits the player since it takes longer to gain skill points I roamed around for 1 or 2 hours with new equiment I couldn't use, this was a little bit frustrating.

I like thoughtful dropping mechanism more than an artificial restriction.

* Ambiance

Well I'm torn here. There are patches which looks very very nice like the Lair of Thieves or the Lighthouse but there are places I was shocked to see such graphics in 2013 (espcially in the town). Hopefully there will be some improvements in the final version.
I love the sounds and music. Seems very coherent. The speech samples however...repeating themselves after a short amount of time. Always the patches of speech is dull and annoying. I like Wizardry 8 for that matter. I think it had 16 different voices per gender and the characters talked about the places and persons the visited or met.

* Pace

Ok after I've browsed through some of the threads here this seems to me the most annoying thing for everyone.
It is absolutly dreadful to return to a city to repair equipment and identify items. It takes FAR too much time and sucks the fun out of the game. Why I can see that exploring a new area should be done in a slower pace, returning to already visited places should be done much MUCH M U C H faster. So my idea: when you visit a tile for the first time keep that slow speed, when you re-visiting tiles let player do that in a faster fashion.
Or at least make LLyods Beacon early accessible.

* Humor
One of the traits of MM always has been its light humor. Haven't seen any of it yet, unfortunatley.

* Riddles
Also a trait of the old MM games : riddles. And some of them were really tough to solve. Hopefully in the final version there will more than "step on tiles" riddles.

* XP
Ok I get why unconscious characters dont get XP for killed mobs but give them at least the XP for solved quests since it's a big deal to get 200 XP or not. Since you cant heal k.o.ed members with resting it's sometimes impossible to heal members in order to let them grab the XP for a quest.

* Bestiary
I like this approach to catalogize monster and can look up weak spots and abilities of monsters with 2 clicks. Also gaining slowly knowledge by killing mobs is very motivating.

So , I like this game a lot and with bugfixing and polishing it big time it could be a very very good game.

Here's a list of bugs Ive witnessed so far, sorted by the frequency I've witnessed them

* Bad pathfinding of the AI freezes fights (I know it can be solved by pressing ALT CTRL and R)
* Symbols for fatigue, Defending , Broken Equipment don*t dissappear even if you rest, repair or stop fighting. (can be solved by reloading but often this bug appears again after a short time)
* Spells which last a certain amount of time (like torchlight) stop working when you leave an area.
* Vendors dont get new equipment
* When I quit MMX I can not restart it unless I restart my PC. I always get a black screen instead of the UBI Logo. Tried to restart Uplay as well as Steam, restarting the PC seems like the only possible solution
* Dunno if this is a bug but magical improved weapons and armor seem like to break VERY frequently.
* Hitting an enemy or missing seems also very streaky. Most of the time when my first character hits the rest of the group also does. If he's getting blocked the rest of the group also getting blocked in 7 of 10 times.
* Shortcuts dissappear