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08-23-2013, 07:38 PM
For reference, I've finished off the bandit den and I've cleared out most of the lighthouse so far. Irritations/non game breaking issues are:

- The lack of potions, both health and mana. Shops either need to restock or we need alchemy, otherwise every fight is going to require a quicksave ahead of time to reload if you take any hits at all. This coincides with...
- Spells cost a huge amount of mana. This compounds the scarcity of mana/health potions, as healing spells are mana intensive. The elven ranger can't cast Regeneration without putting points into Spirit, because a level 1 spell costs more mana than she has at base (27 mana vs 30 cost). And yes, you can rest, but that leads to...
- A limit of 6 on food is horrible. Even more so because of how quickly you need to rest. When walking from Scorpigal to the Brigand Den, taking the most direct route, you end up getting tired 3 steps into the second floor. Either we need unlimited food (my preference and in tune with past M&Ms), we should be able to purchase as much food as we want for the same 10 gold cost with no cap, and/or the distance you can walk before you get tired needs to be vastly increased. You could probably get by with only having 6 rests if...
- Mob density is a bit crazy. The lighthouse has what seems to be a dozen or more naga right in front of it. There are another dozen brigands in the nearby woods. Since you can't challenge more than 3-4 times on a full mana bar, and there's no front row/back row, your other characters are going to get hit, and the mage can barely take 2 hits before being knocked unconscious. With the cost of spells and the need to horde all of your potions, you end up having to rest after every other fight, or after every fight if it's a rough group (I'm looking at you double Kenshi). So that means you fight groups, walk all the way back to town to buy food, rinse, repeat. All the travel is really distracting from the fun.
- Mages are worse off than they were in past M&Ms. Most of this is the mana cost of spells compounded by the inability to easily restore mana. As it is I restarted my game the first time I beat the thieve's den when I realized I was completely out of potions, and started over with triple rangers and a guardian. While I realize this was pretty common back in the Xeen days, it's still annoying to have to give up the group you want because the game is overly harsh on mana users and doesn't provide you with sufficient ability to heal, making melee something you need to avoid at all costs.

08-24-2013, 03:41 PM
Hi defillner,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! It was added to our first week of Early Access Player feedback sum up. First results will be shared on the dev blog (https://mightandmagicx-legacy.ubi.com/opendev/blog) next week.

Anna (LE-Larissa)