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08-23-2013, 07:32 PM
Disclaimer: I understand that this is early access, I have been in more than my fair share of betas and want to provide critical feedback. I feel the framework is there for a great game. Part of early access testing is providing feedback, and that is what this post intends. I do currently like this build and feel it has promise, but lets make this the best we can as a community who cares about the MM series.

I love might and magic and have been following what was once MMX - Children of the Void closely. When I saw there was an official MMX game in the works I was very excited to buy into the early access. I understand we are early enough in development that what we say may affect the final product so here it goes:

The grid system feels quite a step back from the free and fast paced nature of 6, 7, 8 and 9.
It makes walking around town very cumbersome
Combat feels slow, and it feels like 4x melee is the only way to go as sneak attacks are common

The lack of movement in combat is unfortunate
It was cheesy to go back to free combat and kite units around in previous version but at least it felt dynamic

I would love to see the accessory skills
Perhaps I missed it but where is perception, repair and identify item, identify monster, etc?

(This should be fixed) The classes all feel fairly generic and the information is not presented in a great way during character select
Also, there seems to be a serious lack of races, at this point in the MM series, races and classes should be plentiful

The interface is clunky, and not very fluid.
I dont find this interface to work well. The hotbuttons are a nice option, but it does not flow well

I would love to hear everyone's ideas and hopefully our input can be utilized to make this game what we all know it can be. The framework is there an I look forward to a finished product.

08-23-2013, 07:44 PM
Agreed, good points... especially the "misc skills".

Also: The day/night cycle should be longer and effect the surroundings more... shops in the cities should closed at night, most NPCs should leave the streets and there maybe should even be enemies like bandits in the dark back allies.

08-23-2013, 08:57 PM
I also don't like the grid steps, have you seen what mess it is sometimes to get in front of a crate.... I like also the way MM6-9 was, The combats feel slower and longer to kill mobs, When you start MM6 for example you kill hundreds of goblins at the speed of light, that is the fun of it. The spider dungeon I was gone expect 50-100 spiders that come in packs of 5-10 that you shoot with bow and then melee, but nope we have longer combats and had about 8 spiders....

Remember in MM6 or 7 not sure wich one it was where you entered a kind of throne room you touched the altar and hundreds of skeletons attacked, that was great, ok maybe not hundreds but A LOT. That is the combat style we want to see in MM games.

Oh and please do something about day night cycle because that is a real joke, I went around the houses near the first tavern and took me the whole day in a few steps... seriously? So if you leave a shop and go to another vendor and forgot something, you come back quickly and a day has passed? It should take at least 10 times that amount of time.

And the skills indeed many are missing perhaps because we do not have access to everything like the 12 classes there will be at release, but there is a lot missing and needed to be changed or added or it's gonna end like MM9. I only wish for the best as I am so happy I can play a MM game again that has been renewed, but make it as 6-8 was.

The size of the world worries me also, if this is 20% eewww then it's gone be pretty small compared to the previous games.

08-23-2013, 09:08 PM
You've been in multiple betas but you forgot the golden rule here, reading the forums. There is a set of guidelines on the type of feedback they're looking for. You can find them here (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/787104-Give-us-feedback-and-help-to-improve-the-game-experience). The topical section would be -

The main story and the general basic game design mechanics of the game, as described in our official game FAQ are set into stone, like:

- MMX takes place in Ashan
- MMX is mainly based upon Might & Magic IV-V
- MMX is a party-based game with 4 adventurers
- MMX has turn and tile based movement
- The grid in MMX consists of square tiles
- MMX reuses (and reworks) some of the already existing assets made available to the team by Ubisoft

That being said, I do agree that it would be nice to have the misc skills, especially repair/identify/alchemy. There are also multiple other classes that have not yet been implemented.

08-23-2013, 09:53 PM
Your right, I probably should have reviewed that. I did make the mistake of posting this as a bit of a knee jerk reaction. That is really to bad that they will stick with the grid style gameplay, that is currently my biggest issue with the game. It is a "homage" but I do feel it is quite a bit of a step back for the series.

To reply to some others:
Day night cycle !!! OH man, I totally forgot about that in my rant there. It is far to short, walking from one side of town to the other looking for the well took me a day and a half? Really? This is not a metropolis, its a small town.

I missed the MM 1-5, and tried to play them but I couldn't get over some of the issues that were present with that genre of game. I can play 6-9 still due to nostalgia and they play nicely. I do want a more fluid game strictly because I feel it would sell better to more people, and breath life into the series. Allowing for more MM games. I do not know how a grid based game with do in this day and age and I do not want to see the series shelved because of it. That being said, it isnt like I have done full blown research, I just hope they did.

08-24-2013, 04:53 AM
Day/Nighttime need to extended greatly imho.