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08-23-2013, 10:32 AM
I won't complain about the minimap (this has already been discussed extensively and is well acknowledged by the developers). However, a few things are really annoying:

1. It's certainly not intuitive to look in your spellbook (!) for basic quick bar activities (like "Attack", "Drink Potion", etc.). This is especially annoying as these activities occassionally disappear and reappear (and are only partially context-sensitive, i.e. dependent on current equipment).

2. The "city tour" at the beginning of the game is a nice idea. However I initially missed most of it as your final destination in town is in the first building encountered.

3. When buying items in shops it is not possible to change the current character - which makes the option to highlight missing skills in tooltips rather useless.

4. Initially I missed the option to change between multiple persons in taverns etc. (where multiple persons are present) - this is well hidden at the top of the screen.

5. I like the option to hide the permanent quest log (which is unnecessary in my opinion) and the status messages. However, important messages should appear on screen (and timely - not with a long delay; if multiple messages have to appear they should be arranged vertically and not appear one after another - there is enough room available)

6. Occassionally clicking on the screen to interact does not work (e.g. on levers) - this should always work (otherwise: Since the game will be played by keyboard and mouse anyway you may hide the navigation-buttons at the bottom of the screen)

7. In early M&M-titles the journal also contained information on NPCs and other important places (e.g. "Well at x,y restores HP"). This should be implemented as well (in addition to bestiary, lore and quests).

8. "This item is broken" is rather useless. Better add the exact loss of effect (e.g. "Broken. Does only 4 damage until repaired").

9. Please add a compare item option in item tooltips. This is essential in modern CRPGs.

10. There should be a "Wait/End-turn" button. This is useful when waiting for an enemy to get into position.

11. There should be no wait for movement of enemies not visible to the player. This is very annoying when you are surrounded by bandits (of which you know) but merely have to wait till everyone moved even though nothing happens on screen.

12. On a similar notion: Try to avoid entering combat mode when the enemy is still not visible to the player's party.

13. The environment is extremely detailled. However almost no object allows for interaction. Make the action key work everywhere, even if it only results in a default text ("nothing here" or something similar). This was extremely annoying in the outside world, where I tried to activate the camps, the waggon or the altars distributed in the environment, with trash heaps in the castle or multiple mounds in the spider cave... Make them do something!

14. In the Save-Game dialog when Creating a new file suggest a file name not identical to an existing file (e.g. by adding a counter "-1" or whatever). Being asked to overwrite a file when creating a new one is confusing.

15. In the Save-Game-dialog the list of files should be set to "non-clickable" when the "Overwrite-popup" is displayed (otherwise hitting the "Ok"-Button in that popup is rather hard.

08-23-2013, 09:23 PM
Hi beursken,

Thank you for your feedback!

It was added to our first week of Early Access player feedback sum up.
We'll be posting first results of the sum up during the next week on
the blog (https://mightandmagicx-legacy.ubi.com/opendev/blog).

Anna (LE-Larissa)