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08-23-2013, 09:55 AM
Hi, after playing through the actual version I am giving some thouhts about the game too. I really enjoyed it so far and was surprised how good this early version already is.

First I want to begin with the points already mentioned by other:

1.) Movement: For me (never played older RPGs than MM6), it is surprisngly fun to play with this grid mechanik, but what I see like many others here, the stops on every step are annoying. There should something be done, that the movement, at leat outside of battles is more fluid.

2.) Day/Night Cycle: Like the others here I think its waaaay to fast.

3.) Difficulty: Someone said, that the game is in some ways too hard. I cant agree with this. Im happy, that there will finaly be a RPG which isnt playing itself. Yes, some enemys here require to think, but with th right tactic they arent so hard to beat. I like the difficulty atm and hope, that it wont be reduced.

4.) Items: Items break to fast and identifying them is at the moment only annyoing because its for free but u have to go to town for it (I know there is a spell). I hope u think about some abilities for that, repair and identify.

5.) Food Supply: Yes, its low, but when I remember me right, then it was that low at beginning in each MM

6.) Map/Quest/etc.: Some mentioned autonotes for the map and that the actual quest location is shown on it or shown by a arrow or something like that. Plz dont implement sth like that. This would ruin the oldschool feeling. The same about marking usable object, plz dont. About the map, giving us the possibility the make marks on it ourselves would be a better solution than automarks I think.

And now to some points I didnt see in the forum so far:

7.) Backgroundpictures: I like that u cant walk through the house like in modern RPGs but that we have the system of the old MM game here. But the actual pictures a ugly. I dont know if its planned to give the more details and making look them better than now, but they really need some work. Atm some Dungeons have such pics on entry and some not. I hope, that we get such a pic for every Dungeon. What I want to suggest, replace te aactual pics with some nice handdrawn pictures. I think this would be a good step for more atmosphere.

8.) Resting: Atm resting in the Inn still consumes 1 supply and why I get 6 supply for 60 gold, but have to pay 20 gold for resting in the Inn?

9.) Playtime: I know its early acces and its only the first act, but I needed at max 3 hours to play through. If the others acts are as big as this, then we come to 10-15 hours gameplay. For some modern games this would be much, but for a classical RPG this is really to less. I hope, that the first act will get some additional sidequests and dungeons and that the overall game have some nice playtime.

10.) Ranged Battle: Atm u cant choose which enemy u want to attack with ur bow or with a spell (ranged). I think there should something be done, its feels wrong that a archer or mage cant aim a target but just fire into the growd...

08-23-2013, 09:09 PM
Hi Tarragon,

Thank you for your feedback!

It was added to our first week of Early Access player feedback sum up.
We'll be posting first results of the sum up during the next week on
the blog (https://mightandmagicx-legacy.ubi.com/opendev/blog).

Anna (LE-Larissa)