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08-22-2013, 05:44 PM
hi! first of all: great successor (i started playing this series with m&m IV)

so here some raw data:
- explored nearly everything, completed most available quests (exceptions: the part protected by ghosts - never stood any longer than 2 rounds even if only up against one)
- time needed (ingame 34d, realtime ~9 hours)
- playing order: city/spidercave, area arround city, lighthouse, thieves den, castle
- characters are level 5 1/2
- 12000 gold
- party consisted of one of each available class/race combinations
- final equip: 2/4 without armor (didn't get any medium) all got weapons, about 50% was magic, 2 with better enchantments

impressions & thoughts:
- the broken weapon/armor thing is really annoying - about half of the time i ran arround with nearly half the equipment broken - and it didn't even matter :P
i would suggest to make this less frequent but with higher impact or maybe remove this
- i never had any gold problems, even i bought everything usefull to me (potions, food, skills, repairs) it felt more like gold doesnt matter at all
- some markers (auto or selfmade) for the area map would be nice
- skill selection within a class seems a little restricted - it would be nice to have more real choices (f.e. having 2 weapons that can be augemented to grandmaster instead of one) this may be obsolete when advanced classes are introduced though... i noticed that especially for babarian and defender. mage and ranger had more "choices"
- getting an unconscious character back on his feet is quite... random, at least with my party having only regeneration available - sometimes it helped sometimes i had to aply it multiple times... would be nice if resting would help
- dungeons felt good, my favorite was the lighthouse with the outside parts - that was nice :D, least interesting was thieves den - the "open door and shoot the one poor guy waiting in a small room for his death" part felt a little strange
- i felt a little flooded with spells available, while having nearly no mana to cast them - maybe reduce the available spells at the first shops to a core amount of usefull stuff in the final game (good for testing though)
- the amorer has no real armor available (only boots and gauntlets) - that felt a little strange and some skill points were wasted (for the poor medium armor guys running around naked while beeing mocked by full iron clad dwarf...)
- i tried to "run away" from the ghosts a couple of times - that never worked (longest run was about 10 squares up to the next corner where they got my party stunned) so triggering a too difficult fight resloves in loading... maybe some kind of flee option (causing feebleminded?) or a minimum distance you have to run before the enemies stop following you could be interesting
- maybe an indicator on the map or when entering a dungeon which quests can be completed in this specific dungeon would be nice - f.e. i realized that the smuggler chest - quest was in the spider lair only after i did the lighthouse and explored nearly every square outside the town - by re-entering the spider cave on accident
- at least in the 5 first levels most spells seem unneccessary i mainly used: regeneration, decrease armor, wind gust in the rare situations i had more than 2 enemies arround me sparks... my guardian could launch fire but used his mana only for taunt, didn't test light magic though
- very strange experience: while in the castle, searching the governor i found a room with him, his child and some other person, i could talk to them but the quest didnt trigger here... one room later the same guys pops up and the quest is suddenly completed - that didn't feel right at all (flashback... yeah circus... i remember chasing that kid across the whole world :D)
- same dungeon - i could shoot the assassine (?) ivan or what his name was while not entering the room. i triggered all other enemies and fight them regulary but ivan didn't move: so he turned into an arrow pillow (0 health) and then i entered the room - having a dialog with the hedgehog and then started a fight - which imediatly ended - as he was dead from the beginning :D yeay me!
- some non-combat skills or a couple more of puzzles wouldn't hurt - but thats soley a matter of taste
- some more diversity considering enemies within a certain area or dungeon would help (f.e. not only 2 different enemies in one dungeon + their elite variations but 4-5 more mixed up) else larger dungeons could become really repetitive

over all: pleasent experience, interesting combats but a little short - i hope the next chapters will be a little longer :D

keep up the good work,

08-23-2013, 04:06 PM
Hi TheSomnabulist,

Thanks very much for your kind feedback, much appreciated!

All your feedback was added to our first week of Early Access player feedback sum up.
We'll be posting first results of the sum up during the next week on the blog.

Anna (LE-Larissa)