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08-22-2013, 11:52 AM
I am new to the forum. I hope that this suggestion can come to developer and they can make it into the game.

1. http://www.gbposters.com/images/originals/0004/0634/FP3057-ASSASSINS-CREED-4-shore.jpg

As you can see in the image, Edward wear a cloak. It's look so cool. It make him look more like a captain of a ship. Look more menly , ambious, mysterious as the hood hide his eye in the shadow. I hope Ubisoft can add cloak to the game to wear.

2. All the demo I watched , Edward use dual sword. Will he able to use single sword only and other hand free or use hidden blade to fight ? Be able to use single sword is awesome.

3. Gun of ship fire during Naval battle. I feel it's too weak. I feel it's not strong as the gun of the Aquilla in AC3

4. Naval Combat. During the demo, the storm doesn't feel dark. Too many blur and lighting in the storm. I want astmostphere like I was in the Storm in AC3 Naval Combat.

5. Be able to choose BlackBeard as a member of the ship. Be able to choose other member to stand beside Edward is awesome. I love the scene BlackBeard stand beside Edward. It's legends scene. Sometime during the naval fight, Edward leave the ship to Member to control and edward go steath othership. It's cool so.

6. The demo show it too many bugs. I hope they can fix it.

I hope more people will agree with me about those suggestion and sorry for my bad english. I love AC and thanks for make this game com true.

08-22-2013, 02:51 PM
1. The cape will indeed be included in the game
2. I find it highly doubtful he will be able to single wield a sword similar to the way Connor did
3. As you progress, you can make Jackdaw's cannons better
4. It was a demo. You cannot tell how the storm is going to be until you play it on your PC/console

6. We are all hoping...