View Full Version : Expert Air Magic and some bugs?

08-21-2013, 11:30 PM

Does anyone know where i can learn expert air magic, cant find it?

And also, it seems to me as if the spells Celestial armor does not block any damage and the spell shadow cloak wont make the next attack miss. And also resting wont heal an unconsious charater.

Anyone know/encountered the same problems?


08-21-2013, 11:48 PM
For unconsious chars you need to go to the temple and make a donation (don't ask).
For expert air it's not at the magic shop, it's a house with 3 guards, one of them teaches bow and air magic.
Celestial armor and shadow cloak work, but if you chain click the 1 to speed up the fight, you get some lags and bugs in the display of damages so you don't see the miss and block but it's still there.