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08-21-2013, 09:01 PM
First of all, i am among the top 10 fans for sure. I have many many hundreds, if not some 1000 or so, hours of playing MM series behind me. I usually play through MM 7 and 8 once a year, cus i love them so.

So here is some suggestions i would really love to see in the new MM X. (Btw, i almost fainted when i saw that MM X was for buying on Steam...)

1: The Grid-Based movement when out of combat really makes the game slow paced and a lot less dynamic. Just running back to town to repair is wearing on my gamespirit...
It should be an option when pressing space, that way you can still be scared half to death and almost crusing the keyboard trying to press "enter" when running around a corner and standing face to face with an Ogre or something...

2: When putting on armor, weapons, helmets, gloves and so, you should be able to see it on the character. Like when i found a new epic sword or something, and put it on for the first time, and my face went up in a wicked grin, because the weapon looked awesome!

3: Gamplay is FAR more important then graffic! MM X looks beautiful, i had to study the Cyclops, just because it looked so darn wild. But remember the minor quests, the stories, the horseshoes around the stables, the apples and the fruits one can pick along the way, the way monsters move back and forth and when the gap is big enough you make a run for it, the flowers, the alchemy and so on. These are the things that makes the game fun over and over again...

4: To have to option to do epic stuff, like the first time i entered the Titans Stronghold and managed to sneak up to the first HUGE chest i saw and had to load the game 30 times, before one of my characters managed to survive the blast from the trap...
Looting is the key to a fun game! Diablo 2 boss runs need i say more? :-)

5: Towns where NPC's move around and stops when you run into them. And beeing able to talk to them. Or when attacking a to strong monster, and then have to lure it into a town so it gets slain by the NPC's. (With help from your team offcourse...)

6: Jumping and running places that seems impossible, only to find a hidden dragoncave or something. Not beeing able to jump was a big bummer... Exploring and jumping up mountains is fun!

7: Longer days! The days and nights pass way to fast!

8: More possibilities when creating characters. More sounds and more pictures to choose from.

9: Be able to stock up with food for many more days then 6...

I really hope some, or if not all of these things, is migrated into MM X. :-)
Here is some points that is really good with the game.

1: The graffic is beautiful and inspirational! Not like MM 9... :-\

2: Spell effects, condition animations like poisoned fatigued and so on is nicely done.

3: The sounds make my heart sing! Entering the church or alchemy shop is plain and simple FUN!

4: Very cool monsters! It gave me back some of the old time feelings when i played the eye of the beholder and such.

There is a lot more that is good with the game, keep it up! Cant wait until it is finished! :)