View Full Version : Feedback Warrior difficulty

08-21-2013, 11:42 AM
So the first thing that got me a bit nerveous was that after i got all around the town and talk with everybody and in each house ..... there were just a white cirle(without any information ..... is it becouse i have to memorize everything) this is a big minus.... And what is with this movement in the grid when I'm not in battle this is way too weak for a game like this .... I've played like 4-5 M&Ms and this one looks stiffer than each one .... I know it's alpha but still :) Please put voices in dialogs, This will the a big plus for u guys. :)

Battle: I like it reminds me of the old ones but still, Why can't I shoot arrows in a diagonal??!?!? U just can't be serious about that....

I had some bugs in battle, like melling a unit that is 3-4-5 blocks away & he melled me too so :) fair enough :) Blocking level is high or I just am not having luck today :)

And what is it with this time ....... I go to the shop & my guys are already tired ..... it needs to be like at least 8-10 time longer that is right now.

Weapon breaking ..... This, this u can't do to a gamer right now .....Or if u gonna do it, at least do it so we can break their weapons and armor ..... but still .....put some durability .... not 1/1, make it like 10/10 or at least 5/5.

And so, what's up with the potions ......why can't i find any. I bought some one time .... and there are no more left .... so ..... what i gatta go and pray they don't 2-shot my mage and archer?!?!

10x :)