View Full Version : List of feedback thus far

08-21-2013, 05:19 AM
I've played a bit of the early access MMX, and here's some things I wanted to share:

The good:

Feels like old times, you've managed to capture the nostalgia. Awesome.
Good animations and graphics.
Stats - every stat helps every class in some way, no pointless stats. So far, anyway.
I like how party attacks can happen faster (4 in quick succession) than it takes for the enemy to recover their balance. It gives me the sense that I'm laying the hurt on.
I ran into the cyclops a bit early and got completely destroyed. I actually like this very much - when I can run into impossibly difficult enemies, it makes exploring more exciting and engaging.

The bad:

I feel like weapons and armor break too often, and I don't see durability anywhere. Will there be a repair skill, like in MM6-MM8?
The day/night cycles are super fast, and need to be slowed down.
I know this is for animations, but I can see the "waiting for enemy to move/act" time getting annoying down the road. Maybe add a "skip enemy tile movement animation" option?
I really really need to buy more health/mana potions, but the store isn't restocking. Is this intended? Seems a bit harsh, but maybe that's the spoiled gamer in me speaking.
The difference between the block and evade defense is confusing. I feel like block % should be block "value", like the other combat stats (attack value, evade value). It feels inconsistent. If block % is a fixed percentage, regardless of the attacker's skill, that probably won't scale well into high level territory.

Hoping for:

Enemy respawns.
Either a super high level/skill cap or making those mod-able.
DLC after the game is done. Extra more difficult dungeons, new towns, etc. I'd pay.

Thanks, I look forward to playing more!