View Full Version : So far, so good, some feedback

08-21-2013, 05:00 AM
First off, I definitely feel like the M&M feel is there. I love that about this game. Still, plenty of room for improvement. Let's see...

I'm not sure if rest should bring back unconscious players, but I think reducing the need to trek is a good thing. If there were a field shop or something... or a healer.

...or a heal spell?

Movement speed between tiles feels a bit slow, which exacerbates the situation above.

Potions need to respawn in the shop at certain intervals, or there needs to be some sort of ability to make them.

The map needs to be annotate-able or marked with important places / people.

The shop needs to specify which party member can and cannot use items. It would help if you could select which party member the item was for.

The battles feel tough, a good thing.

The dungeons are really well done.

The atmosphere is great.

The levelling up feels a bit slow.

I'm not sure how followers work. There should be an indicator of how they function while we've hired them.

Sometimes, certain icons for quick action bars disappear and I have to re-drag them from teh skill book. annoying!

Sometimes I can't move on the tiles and I have to reload.

Sometimes the 'tired' icon displays even after I've rested. I then have to reload.

Not sure how I feel about a one-time fix option in the shops. Preferred when individual items were broken but I guess it's more streamlined.

Day/night cycle is definitely a bit fast, as well as the speed at which weapons degrade. System Shock 2 had a notoriously short weapons degrade system, btw.

keep up the great work. can't wait to dive in more and level my chars!