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08-20-2013, 11:47 PM
I have enjoyed the game immensely already and can´t wait for when we get our hands on the real deal. But I have encountered a number of things that you should probably take a look at before the game goes gold.

As have been mentioned many times already, the time goes to fast. The days and nights speed past in an unnatural way. Especially the changes from one to the other is past in the blink of an eye.

The movement in game and especially the flow in combat need a little tweaking. It feels a tad clunky as it is at the moment.

I am playing on the “Adventure” difficulty and even though I have plenty of experience with the game, I find the difficulty quite high.
This is not a problem in itself, far from it, but when you combine it with having to return to town every time one of your weapons break, or when one of your characters gets knocked unconscious, then it slows the progress down to a crawl.

I don’t really think it’s needed to lower the difficulty on the overall game, although fx the Naga Boss in one of the first quests could probably do with some tuning. Another way to remove this feeling of slow progress is to fx implement a skill where you can repair weapons. That way you turn it into a choice for the player, instead of just a chore. “yes you can spend the points and avoid the trecks back to town, or you can spend the points in shield and survive that longer…”

I also really think that resting should cure “unconscious”, maybe leave the character weakened so there is still an incentive to keep the chars from going down. But in the start, the game really grinds to a crawl every time my mage or archer bites the dust and I have to return to the temple to get them up.

Another thing that really irritated me during my game is your inability to run away. It’s fine you can’t see the difficulty of monsters, fx the ghosts, that’s how it’s supposed to be, but for god’s sake, allow us to turn around and run like a little screaming girl to save our lives.
Plenty of times I have had this “ohh.. Can’t handle this fight.. well.. nothing to do.. time to load”-experience 20 sec into a fight. Having a hard game is fun, taking away the last resort option is in my opinion a bad choice.

Another thing that I find weird is that we don’t get any markings on the minimap when we accept a quest. This is all fine when its “well go find this or that somewhere with bandits”, or similar quests.. But when we are told to go clean a cave outside town.. It really seems stupid that the towns people can’t point at our damn map and say “well its around here somewhere”. That is of course personal taste, but it takes a chink away from the immersion for me every time something like that happens.

The above were the points I had about the gameplay. The following is the bugs I have encountered during play.

When you just enter the first town and have the guide with you, every time he started talking, the screen would start turning around either left or right and would only stop when I clicked on the companion. Luckily It stopped when the companion left.

When you buy the pack horse from the stable master, instead of a packhorse, you get the stable master with you in the companion slot. He don’t really do anything besides offer the same conversation choices he do in his house.

The Naga you free in the lighthouse talk about postponing the fight being smart when you enter the lighthouse again, not when you leave it as I guess it should be.

The above points could make me seem like a grumpy old man. But I really enjoy the game a lot, and I am sure that it will be even better with as much feedback as possible.

I will return with more feedback as I get further into the game J

08-21-2013, 04:35 AM
I agree with most of what you say.

1. The combat feels slow. Remove all pauses.
2. Add an option to accelerate enemy walk animations (2x, 3x).
3. I can't run away. In World of Xeen you can't walk when engaged in a fight either but at least there was a run away option (teleported you to a safe spot). Allow in combat movement or a run button.
4. Resting should definitely cure unconsciousness, it did in other m&m games.
5. Ranged combat should not cycle through all my characters all the time. Most of my characters do not have range anyway, this is a waste of time. I would like a "allow an enemy turn" button.
6. I can't turn around during an enemy turn.