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08-20-2013, 11:21 PM
Really difficult to see selected/unselected skills in character creation.
You need to press enter to confirm you character name... small, but still. And while you're at it, have the default name disappear when you click in the input box (or better yet, have say a pen icon next to the name and pop up an input box when you click on that).
I think someone forgot to add the anti-aliasing options to the UI.
The UI for the event log and quest log is atrocious. One of the nice simplifications of the M&M series were that they eliminated the need for them at all, so that you feel that you need them here is a step back, I think. Sure you can minimize them, but if that's all you want to do, the design has failed.
The zoom angle when approaching a book was completely wrong. (See first screenshot.)
Dirt on a village wall was lit the wrong way. (See second screenshot.)
The loading screen is just weird. It should say "loading" at least.
One of my characters got down to 1/3rd remaining health, yet he did not look hurt in his portrait.
The Rest button is really awkwardly placed in the inventory. One could easily confuse it for a Close button (it's actually more visible than the real close button). Why isn't the Rest button in the main UI like in the MM3-5 games?
That you have to wait for monster animations that aren't directly in front of you is really annoying... they should be sped up if the player performs any input so as to not delay his actions.
Identify all items at Johara... did it cost anything? Why can't you pop up the identified items as a service to the players? Lack of info!
The entire taking damage aspect is handled far to lightly. No big chunks of blood flying from the player portraits like in MM3-5, and when you are poisoned, it's so easy to miss until a player becomes unconscious.
The orange mushrooms look like traffic cones. Sorry, it had to be said. I want to launch Videolan Player every time I see one up close.
Super bug 1: The game just began to wildly spin me around after getting the first NPC, before I could even move. Apparently keys get stuck if you click the interface instead of using the keyboard... Also, if you have the first NPC with you, the bug triggers every time he says something.
The shadows flicker. There are far better flicker-free shadow solutions these days. It's sad to see an old technique employed here.
My ranger suddenly lost his ranged attack ability. He still had his bow equipped, so I have no idea why that command disappeared. Then my barbarian lost both his attack and defend abilities. Still no idea what's going on! Also, because he lost both attack and defend skills, next time I entered combat I wasn't able to continue. (Reading the forum now, apparently my weapons broke? I know this could happen, and I looked for it in the popup hints, but I couldn't see it... also, I still couldn't advance in combat with both attack and defend abilities gone.)
HOLY **** THE SKILL POINTS BUTTON! Could it have been any smaller??? Jesus Christ in a wheel-barrel, I just discovered it. Why the leaping lizards is that not on the character screen? A huge f-ing tab named "Skills" next to the Equipment and Combat would make so much more sense. Then put a big glowing green plus sign showing that there are skill points available to distribute under that tab! God damn, UI design 101 guys! Jesus, that made me angry. Aaarrgh, how could you?
Super bug 2: The game crashes when I press ALT-F4.
Odd bug 3: Once you step off the docks, you can't go left by the barrel and the dog. You can however take an extra step and then turn back into that tile. There's a weird invisible wall just to one side of it.
Visual: I really hope the Sorpigal town sign and the lantern near it is WIP. It's really low-resolution and quite 1990s Photoshop bevel filter 101...
A door appeared on the mini map to the south west in the first village, similar to the door on the well, but I could not enter the door that was in the game world.
The day and night feel awfully short. Like 5 minutes short.
Unexplored areas on the mini map could be marked better. In MM3-5 it was clearly a fog overlaying it. Here, perhaps you could fade or tear away half of the shaded tile?
Enemies frequently get tossed around and clip so far into the scenery that they completely disappear. Now, this would just be a visual glitch, except that they sometimes attack from that point as well, which makes it difficult to see the type of attack.
The game feels silent and a bit dead. The locations in MM3-5 were very animated and atmospheric, and every options was accompanied by equally atmospheric sound effects. Here, I'm just clicking and there doesn't seem to happen anything significant...
There are some nice dragons in the UI, similar to MM3-5, but the combat indicator is just an ugly yellow or red blob. Why get rid of the glowing eyes of the MM3-5 gargoyles, while adding static dragons? Again, seems like a step back.
Sometimes, enemies stand on top of each other.

So, not a very favorable first impression!

Most surprising thing: Legend of Grimrock is a much better looking game!

Now, question is, will developers give feedback on our feedback, and will detailed update logs be released, or are we shouting into the dark until release (and then huge things like the skill points screen might get completely missed)?


08-21-2013, 11:39 AM
The missing ability buttons have nothing to do with weapon breakage. its just a bug with hotkeys getting deleted. open the skill (spell) menue and just drag and drop them to the bar again.

08-21-2013, 06:11 PM
The missing ability buttons have nothing to do with weapon breakage. its just a bug with hotkeys getting deleted. open the skill (spell) menue and just drag and drop them to the bar again.

Thank you, but how do I do this, exactly? Simple left mouse button drag and drop doesn't seem to work.

(Also, took me 10 minutes to find the Skills menu... why, oh, why isn't it a tab on the character?)

EDIT: Oh... of course... attack and defend, the abilities that disappeared, aren't skills... they are spells... naturally! How logical. Ahem.