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Me 262? http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/images/smiley/351.gif

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A Me-262 in the Pacific???? Are you mad

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The Kikka (Orange Blossom), though a bit smaller than the Messerschmitt Me 262, was clearly inspired by the German jet fighter. Its primary claim to fame is that it was the very first Japanese aircraft to take off under jet power, even if it did so only once. Aside from that, it was yet again a case of too little, too late, since only the one prototype actually flew, although a second one was just a few days short of readiness when Japan capitulated.

Enthusiastic reports from the Japanese air attaché in Berlin on the development of the Me 262 led the Naval Air Staff, in September of 1944, to instruct Nakajima to design and build a similar aircraft for use as a high-speed attack bomber relying on speed to evade interceptors. The formal requirements included the following: (a) a top speed of 432 mph; (b) a range of 127 statute miles with a 1,102-lb. bombload, or 173 st. miles with a 551-lb. bombload; (c) a landing speed of 92 mph; and (d) a take-off run of just 1,150 feet when using two 992-lb. thrust RATOG bottles under the wings. Additionally, the new jet was to be easily built by semi-skilled labor, and the outer wing panels were to be foldable, enabling the aircraft to be concealed in caves and tunnels.

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I think the Japs also had something really close to the Me 163 Komet isnt it?


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