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08-20-2013, 05:07 PM

First : Sorry for my poor level in english, i'm french...
I am an old player of the MM saga (see here for more details : http://spi4.free.fr , sorry it's in french).
I read some others thread (not all, but some), i'll don't reply for all of them, so i'll concentrate my own reports here.
Please, don't be angry that i make my own thread with these reports, but it's not very easy for me to follow all the other discussions in english and i dont like to make some mistakes, and boring the others with my answers and questions. ;-)

If you know where we can report's things in french, please let me know.

So, this is what i suggest about the game (in is actual version) :

Time : need to be slowed, time is too fast between two movements, so we need to sleep too many times, even we just explore a small area.

Maps : ok for the tiled map without help, but why can't we write on it ? Some indactions may help us, even if we need to write them by ourself.

Graphics and loading times : too slow for many of us, need to be optimised for the final version.

Creating team : i prefer to see all the team when i make my characters, it's more easy to equilibrate.

Inventory : why you don't create one inventory for each characters ? It's more easy to seperate objects for each one.

Magic book : i spend lot of time to found where the spells are, user interface is not so easy to use in that case.

Sounds : well done ! You used sounds of MM 6, that works very well, but the musics are low quality when we heard the soundtrack of old MM.

That's all for this time, i'll go back soon to write the others things i'll find during exploration (i've just finished Sorpigal).

Thank you for this work, i love the game !