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08-14-2013, 04:39 PM

What is The Jackpot Challenge?

Competing in the Road to Paris (http://road2paris.com/) tournament and want to experiment, but don't want it to count against your score? We're now hosting weekly tournaments for some competitive gaming outside of Road to Paris (http://road2paris.com/) to experiment, have fun, and WIN! The Jackpot Challenge is a weekly event that encourages players to experiment with new decks/heroes and discuss the possible strategies they create.

Your goal is to place as high as you can in the Jackpot tournament using your own version of our Deck of the Week. We highly encourage you to stream your experimenting using our new integrated Twitch.TV SDK feature! Additionally, share your results here in this thread. Did you find an awesome combination of cards that helped you place in Tier 1? Let us know!

Since this challenge is played entirely in the Jackpot tournament, this will not hurt your chances of qualifying for Road to Paris (http://road2paris.com/)! Our August qualifier is underway, so make sure to sign up for that here as well: http://road2paris.com/register/

Are there prizes to be won?

Of course! On top of the prizes already included in playing Jackpot, we will be awarding seals to players that participate here in the Jackpot Challenge. To become eligible for extra rewards, share your experiences with the Jackpot Challenge Deck of the Week here in this thread. Here are a few examples of ways to qualify:

Make an awesome play during one of your games? Explain how you were able to pull it off. The more detail the better!
Stream your Jackpot Challenge matches and post the replays here for us to see.
Theorycraft the Deck of the Week, come up with a sound strategy for victory, and share your results with us.

Our three favorite submissions based on decks, streams, or discussion will all earn prizes. The first place prize will be 200 Seals while the second and third place winners will both earn 100 seals each.

Will participating in The Jackpot Challenge hurt my chances of qualifying for Road to Paris?

Not at all! If anything, this could even help you out. You will be gaining practice and game knowledge by experimenting with new decks and card mixtures. Remember that jackpot tournament finishes are not counted towards your Road to Paris (http://road2paris.com/) online qualifier, so grind out some jackpot games and share your triumphs with the community!

Deck of the Week:


Our Deck of the Week will be using the hero Crag Hack. Your goal is to build a deck around Crag Hack and to climb as high as possible in our Jackpot tournament on Thursday, August 15th.

Remember, post your experience, decks, and stream replays here in this thread for your chance to win seals! Good luck and have fun!

08-15-2013, 08:30 PM
I played 13 Games today (9/4) http://www.twitch.tv/rancord/b/446165605

I decided to go to get the most out of his Neutral Abillity instead of using any weird OTK/Stampede builds.

The cards I decided worth as neutrals were:
Dark Assassin
Sea-Elf Archer
Pao Deathseeker

Each a 4of. I added Mercs, because its alot of damage when u can swarm the feild, and manastorm to not fall to Aoe. The rest was filled with usualy aggresive Stronghold, especialyl shredder and 4 fortune huts.

Ridiculous Agression and disgusting amount of units, wich is to much for most of the meta decks. Necro has a hard time dealing with it.

- Big Problems against Austerity and Earth Magic
- Incorporeal is da real deal
- Bad Starting hand can make u life misrable
- If enemy can outtempo u its over

3 Turns from 20 HP to 0 hp: http://www.twitch.tv/rancord/c/2757054
-Events and units turn up perrfectly though

08-15-2013, 08:50 PM
Hey I tried :P though i lack a lot of cards I still did my best hopefully itll bear fruit:cool:


08-15-2013, 10:26 PM
I have tried it aswell, replay is on my stream (twitch.tv/theenclase (http://de.twitch.tv/theenclase/)) :)

After a real good start and some funny matches i had a terrible losingstreak.

I think Crag'Hack is overall a situational hero. If you play him like me - without specific counters - just try to rush the opponent down there are a lot of problems showing up.

- Insect Swarms
- Hangman Trees
- Incorporal stuff
...and so on.

But overall my Crag'Hack was of course not the best, im sure you can build him way better. I was playing him on 3/0/2 :)

In the end you can reach t1 with Crag definitly, but like with every rushdeck you will have a few loses automatically coz of bad draws/good opponent blocks at the beginning.


08-15-2013, 10:59 PM
No sweating, nice, clear & effective.

Ok, in theory anyway :D
But overall one of the strongest rush decks out there - comes in the bundle with the AoE vulnerability (think only my Phrias was worse in that regard). Smart play (same as with Haven rush) can usually outpace Necro, except for Malik who just Firess it all away.
The 4/1/0 build works really well - better than fortunes, I think. Shredders + Void Wraiths for the late game damage, won me few pretty games.
Went 4/1, so some nice 120 rat :) Don't have the time to go higher, sorry.
But here's your pic of the day (week? month? life in my case?) - as a courtesy, posted only here (and not in funny moments). GG!
(The devil is in detail - hardest to spot is the Quick Attack icon on Goblin Hunter, meaning that was a Shadow Clone and the Centaur Archer therefore got Puppeted.)

08-15-2013, 11:24 PM
Had a lot of fun streaming this event!

If anyone wants to check out my version of this, please feel free to check it out on my TwitchTV channel here: http://www.twitch.tv/jasonparadise/b/446265420

Warning: I was assaulted by quite a few different employees during this stream so it goes a bit haywire at times. Overall great challenge :)

08-16-2013, 11:41 AM
Hi, today was my first Jackpot Challenge and i manage to get 207 telo with 9-3 score :)
My loses was against MnM vs Smarties yukiko lock, fleshbane (incorporeal are rly pain in my a.. :D) and versus Sandlaphon Wombo Combo who destroyed my army with 2 geysers ;p
Unfortunetly i didnt recorded my games(i can send only replays if some1 want)
In the last game i manage to win with another yukiko lock thanks to my one and only Cosmic Realigment :D(in the end he runs out of cards in his deck, i survived 2 thrones all avalanches and 3 wastelands. i think i was lucky becouse i throw out with my cosmic 3 his pao deathseekers 1 throne 1 wasteland and some other stalling tools)
I played with 4/0/4 build with one cosmic realigment in 4 fortune slot and some shamans huts, sacrifice altars and blood pools, standart creatures setup -
4 dark assassins, 4 serpentflyies, 4 vultures and 4 pao deathseekers in neatural creatures.
Deck like others already said was rly fast rush and i manage to win one game vs garant in 4th or 5th turn(i didnt remember ;p)


08-19-2013, 07:55 PM
Third jackpot challenge results are in!

1st Place: xRoni (200 Seals)
2nd Place: Le.Rancord (100 Seals)
3rd Place: Sunaoimori (100 Seals)

Thanks to everyone who participated! Another challenge will be laid out later this week!

08-20-2013, 01:20 PM
Thank you. Anyone seing this, its super easy to win seals and alot of fun, you should all join