View Full Version : Developer Journal – Issue #45

08-13-2013, 10:27 AM
Hello everyone,

Once again, this dev diary is about the contents of an upcoming update.

The focus has mainly been on the Summer Tournament.
As previously explained, this will include worlds accelerated to ten times the normal speed. The aim is to be the first alliance to reach rank 10, and you will be rewarded with seals depending on how your alliance is ranked at the end of the game. For more info, check out the announcement that gave all the specific details of the Summer Tournament.

There are also a few changes:
- Corrections have been made to the text describing the Battle Cry alliance capacity, adding information about its precise effect.
- On season 4 PvE worlds, when an alliance lost a Grail, it still kept 400,000 alliance points. This allowed alliances that lost and rebuilt Grails to earn too many points, so we have modified it - now, when an alliance loses a Grail, it also loses 1,000,000 points (those earned by constructing the Grail).
- A sentence has been added to clarify the region movement window.

This update will be installed sometime this week.

The Summer Tournament will start just afterwards.

We are aware of a bug affecting players from the strategic world that just finished. The legacy they earned on this world is not showing up on the legacy page of the portal. The bug’s been squashed, but it was too late to include the correction in the next update, so it will be part of the following one. Don't worry - you’ll be able to use your hard-earned points in the next season.

Until next time…!