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08-02-2013, 06:19 PM
So, the following is basically just my ideas for the next couple AC titles, I have no where else to share them so I thought I would here.
My thoughts are, if (past ACIV) Ubisoft wants to continue the storyline of Connor at all, there probably aren't enough significant events in American History from 1784-1811 to fill out a game. However, the war of 1812 would offer several options as far as storyline and gameplay. By the time 1812 rolls around, Connor would be 56. As such itmight not be viable for him to be the protagonist at that age, as his skills would have diminished considerably. So, if that is not possible for him to be the protagonist, he could still be involved in the story, as the leader of the American (Colonial) Assassins at that point, and he could serve as the Mentor role(like Achilles). The protagonist could be his son, who he has to train to be an assassin, and his training could be the prologue as opposed to a 5 hour "prologue" where you play as Haytham in AC3. This would lea to you being able to get in the game pretty early, and not be bogged down by what AC3 was with the whole Haytham sequences. There are many battles in the War of 1812 that could be featured, and while they aren't as well known as battles of the Revolutionary War, they could easily still be major and relevant. The British assault could be the Templars finally regaining their strength and wanting to regain control over the colonies, as by now the Assassins could be very powerful in the Americas, and you could see this conflict play out between the two on a bigger scale not seen quite yet in the series, something I know I would enjoy greatly. Another storyline element to be considered, is the fact that many Native Americans sided with the British during the war(including the Iroquois), and this could be played up with Connor not being sure with whom his allegiances should lie, similar to the first game but now expounded and exacerbated. I think that there is great storyline potential within this timeline, but the gameplay potential is there as well. With America more developed now, therea re more options for playable areas, preferably more diverse than Boston and New York. Also, one of the most popular features of AC3 was the naval aspect, and there were numerous battles in the War of 1812 fought at sea, much more than in the Revolution. This could allow for much more open naval combat, if they still want to go that direction after ACIV. Ultimately, I think there is a lot of potential in an Assassins Creed game set during the War of 1812.
TL;DR Assassins Creed set in 1812
What do you guys think Ubisoft should do for ACV?

08-02-2013, 06:36 PM
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