View Full Version : I really, really like the idea of AC: Brahman

07-31-2013, 05:07 PM
I decided to hold off and not to buy AC3 after seeing the online movie for the complete game. To be honest the promos were really bad as well. They showed Connor jumping around in the trees and killing wolves and bears. It looked like a boring environment. The AC series is basically 'interactive fiction'. There is a skill element and a puzzle element but neither are very difficult and it's all about spending time in an immersive world. With all the foregoing AC games, there was a great looking world to explore, with beautiful panoramic views and internal deco as well. They all looked very, very good.
Compare all the environments: dawn of the Islamic golden age; renaissance Tuscany then Rome; conquest of Constantinople; North American Civil War. The last is really boring and uninspiring. Mostly because there's nothing pretty to look at.
The AC I have big expectations about is AC: Brahman. That's going to be the game that will do even better than redeem the AC series. The appeal of AC is: beautiful exotic environments for an IF story. If that's not there, no weapons or action sequences will compensate for it. Brahman is going to be awesome.