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07-29-2013, 06:15 PM
Hello, great game.

Here are design recommendations for the next expansion:

1. A spell/fortune that blocks life leach ability. Making necro over reliance on it less assured.
2. A spell/fortune that clears counters on all cards. Good temporary solution to enrage buildups, or excessive poison. Also good defense for a faction that still wants counters on their cards and that doesn't want to prevent all counters permanently.
3. A globally accessible card that blocks, ignore or returns to hand an enemy ongoing fortune. So that all decks can include a card to break the complete lock-out experience mages sometimes throw at you.
4. A cheap sanctuary cost 1 or 2 ally with Honor one or zero. Honor zero? Yes there are cards and heroes that buff it, would be useful if base stats were also usable.
5. Stronghold cards with might requirements that are higher than their resource costs. This would make gaining high might actually beneficial to them. Otherwise some cost reduction to playing high might cards.
6. A haven ability that gives lasting negation of "immune to retaliate" on enemy shooters.
7. An inferno lasting fortune that makes both players discard a card each turn randomly.
8. Another neutral fortune card that gives an economy boost to compliment the existing two cards. Can be at cost two or four to play.
9. A Stronghold card that gives you additional benefit when high might creatures are killed.
10. A necro creature that removes your own/enemies discard pile cards from the game but gains power from doing so, opening up counter recursion as well as a different deck build that isn't based on recursion.
11. A haven creature that wipes both players discard pile creatures when summoned and heals existing creatures by amount of creatures removed. Again anti recursion.
12. An ongoing fortune that gives you a free card drawn, or limits enemy creatures played, if you only played fortunes all turn. (Benefits decks that play support fortunes like turncoats, level buffs etc.).
13. More cards for all factions that have requirement levels that are one to two points higher than the resource requirements. This would make fortunes that pump up your levels more meaningful.
14. More anti-options for heroes that lack negation or fortunes to do anti effects. Requires reviewing all heroes here to see which miss options.
15. An event card that let's you sacrifice life for resources.
16. An event that let's you ignore fortune effects this turn, for a price.
17. An event that prevents any creature from being targeted, for a price.
18. An event that gives all creatures in play 1 life point, for a price.
19. An event that reduces both heroes levels, for a price
20. An event that makes killed cards this turn instantly banished.
21. An inferno ongoing effect (creature/fortune) that makes both players take 1 damage every time a creature they control is killed.
22. Inferno fortune: take damage to your hero to draw cards.
23. A necro creature that grows in size every time it kills something.
24. More on summon effects outside of spitting spider for all other factions.

Thank you