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07-28-2013, 10:55 AM
Welcome everyone! I recently post asking if you guys would like to see me make an entire thread that show my thoughts, ideas, and hope of how to improve Assassin's Creed game in the future to come. It's very simple. I will put my ideas in different topics like "New mechanics", "Improvements", and "Additional upgrades". My ideas will only be around how to improve general game plays, not story line since I'm sure Ubisoft is already working on an Assassin's Creed 5, or even 6 right about now with the size of their team. I finally have times to got around to making this thread and I hope you all enjoy it. Please share your thoughts and opinions below on what you think could be added or change. Thank you.

Improvements that could be made

Eagle Vision
I have a fair share of thought on this mechanic that have existed since the very first AC. If you don't know what it does than allow me to quote from the wiki "For this ability, a variety of colored glows was used to mark different people or objects. Red indicated enemies or spilled blood, blue indicated allies, white indicated sources of information or hiding spots, and gold indicated targets or any person of interest." It sound super helpful as a tool for an assassin right? But allow me to ask you this. When is the last time you actually use eagle vision when playing AC? In the first AC game I found my myself using this ability more than all my time playing Brotherhood, Revelation, and 3 combine together. What I think that make this mechanic more and more less relevant in the franchise is because every time you would get a mission to assassinate a key target, the game would always show who he is, where he is, and how he look like. What's the point of eagle vision if the game tell you everything and give you no opportunity or scenarios of using this gifted ability? It's one of the most unique mechanic in the stealth genre. Please don't waste its opportunity! My thoughts and idea on how to put this mechanic to good use is pretty simple. Stop telling us who's our target when we have located his hiding spot. Even than, make it harder to figure out who is the target by putting a tons of enemies in your way so you have to stealth your way through, but at the same time look for your key target. Scenarios where Eagle vision can put to it's best abilities is in the dark. Make some unique mission where you find yourself trap in house while trying to escape, the enemies have figure out where you are and turn off all the night and it's pitch black dark and you can't see nothing, the only way to get out alive is to rely on your eagle sense which will light the path to your entrance and show soldiers that is trying to ambush you.

Side Missions
Assassin's Creed have some of the most boring and shortest side quest I have ever played. It doesn't benefit you in anyway, and to be honest what's it even there for if not only to give the game a few more minutes of gameplay? How about if the writer write a short story for each side quest and each quest will be connected to tell that certain story that belong in this main city? Let there be a choice at the end of each side quest, affecting the outcome to the next side mission making it have more outcome so each player will have different experiences. Better yet. I would really love it if they write a story is able to open more path in the main story mission. I will explain about this in "Different consequences for disposing bodies"

New mechanics

Eagle Instinct
Alright, I have just talked about Eagle Vision and its many uses much now I want to introduce you to a new mechanic that I have thought up called "Eagle Instinct". When use it let you enter into a state of mind where everything on your screen turn into darkness, structure/objects in the areas will be outline with whites lines and give extreme accuracy of where the sound of footsteps, object being touched, and noise are coming from. Nothing will be shown on your screen, only sound will come out. This mechanic will put a heavy emphasis on stealth if the developers do it right and created a entirely new fresh game play for this franchise. Not only will this mechanic be good for stealth, but when use in combats, it will slow down the movement of your enemies for 2 seconds, allowing you to mark as much as much enemies as possible until they return to their normal speed. When return to normal speed you will instantly kill as many enemies that you were able to mark in those few second with awesome combat animation in AC3. this ability have limit when perform in combat. It will need to recharge overtime by killing as much soldiers as possible, without getting hit. The more combo, weapon, and block that is use in combat, the more it will extend your limit by allowing you to slow time for 3, or even 4 second when perfect this ability to the max. Now, you might be asking yourself "How can one assassin get this gift, and the other like Ezio and Altiar can't?" Let me explain. Everyone in the AC universe are able to tap into these superhuman abilities, but it's super rare. Allow me to read from the wiki once again "Though every human held the potential for it, bloodlines of humans who had interbred with their creators held a greater concentration of the necessary genes, and were thus more likely to exhibit the ability." Now what I like to do is put a spin in it. The chance of you getting Eagle vision and Eagle Instinct is determined by gender of of their creator meaning, if your creator is a male your bloodline will be Eagle Vision, and if it's a female it's Eagle Instinct. How do you like that spin? Reply and let me know!

Assault on base of operation
Everyone know your main base in the first AC is Alamut, Monteriggioni for 2, and Achilles house and surround areas for 3. Those bases really hold no purpose in the game except hold all your weapons, armor, and books. It's bland and boring. You have this entire town looking up to you willing to aid and help you but they're just there for display. I have created a mechanic that would change all of it. It's similar to how to make money in AC2, but a lot better. If you remember the fall of Monteriggioni then you would remember how awesome it is to hold down the city and killing guards after guards trying to defend as much population as possible. Now, why not make it happen in your town, but a mini version of it. Your city will have the chances of being attack by bandits, invader, and people who would basically just want to rob the town. So now, when you upgrade factions in your town like the military and church in Assassin's Creed 2, it actually will matter. You will have the option of not participating in this. You can just leave it to your town and hope all the upgrades that you have made in your base is enough to drive out the bandits. If you do decide to help you receive a large sum of moneys, more salvage to improve your town, and more people will come to live in your town, more people mean more income. But, if your town fail to defend itself from bandits, you will lose a great amount of moneys, certain of upgrade in the town will be remove, and people will be lost.The chance of a siege being launch on your town is close to only 25% so it's very rare you will be meet with this situation so you wont have to be hassle when going and exploring different city.

Different consequences for disposing bodies
Do you guys ever wonder "what happen to the body after Ezio kill them?" cause I sure do. What would happen if after killing a Key Target in Assassin's Creed, you could do something with their body that would result in a really cool way? What happen if you suddenly have a choice, of disposing the main key target's bodies? What I mean by "main key target" it mean important target you will need to kill to progress through the story like the Borja . Imagine, having 3 choices of how you would want to use their body after they die. Each choices have different consequence and will affect the city.
1. Your first choice would be to fake it so it look like the main target commit suicide. By doing this you can use objects in the surround area of their death and put them in a certain way that will convince their family that they have kill them self. For example: write a fake letter posing as the target saying how much he doesn't want to live anymore. By faking it the city will become more confused, you will hear civilians discuss and listing different reason why the target would have kill himself, guards would appear less frequently in the city, and new weapon will be available for you to buy in the black market.

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