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07-26-2013, 08:29 AM

I was wondering which multiplayer functions will be available in this game. I have read about the coop battle possibilities but what about traditional skirmish maps that you can play with or against your friends?

f.e. will I be able to battle with a friend against 2 other friends?

if someone could sum up all there is to multiplayer I would appreciate it.


07-30-2013, 09:10 AM

You can team-up with your friends to fight against an NPC but not against other players. There are no PvP features in the game yet.
This doesn't mean that there will not be one in the future but right now it is not.

A lot of answers were given on our blog (http://blog.heroes-online.com) You should have a look there :)

08-07-2013, 09:03 PM
Hi, how many people will support the server according to the plans, and how much great will be the world? At least answer in general terms, if the secret information

08-08-2013, 09:33 AM
One game world will be able to handle thousands of players at the same time.
There is no limitation for the amount of registration on a gameworld