View Full Version : Classic-Tournament - Friday @20:00 CEST

07-25-2013, 10:48 PM
This friday we will play the next tournament, hosted by Enclase. This time we are playing the 'Classic'-Tournament :)


- Stream is starting @20:00 CEST, Start of the tournament (after registering and ****) is @20:45 CEST!
- Only cards from the first baseset are allowed (includes also heroes and events! NO VR/HOTV!)
- Knockout-Tournament. Best of 1 for every match till the top 16 - Best of 3 for every match till the final - Best of 5 for the final!
- The winner of every matchup has to make the screenshots. You can tell me in the Twitch-Chat who has won, this is enough - but if there is a problem, the screenshot will be the proof ;-)
- Maximum of 128 players!
- If you see that your opponent is playing with one card that is not allowed, you have to report him, he will be disqualified (take a screenshot!)
- You have to add your opponents in the game, the tournament-tree you can see here (after the registration is over ofc):


If you have an Account on Challonge.com you can also sign-in by your own. Otherwise you can just write your MMDoC-Nick in my Twitch-Chat before the tournament is starting.


10.000 Gold per participant!

1st: 33% of the victory cash + 1 VR-Package
2nd: 25% + 1 VR-Package
3rd: 20% + 1 VR-Package
4th: 10%
5th to 8th: 3% each


It would be also cool, if you can put on your stream - so i can cast as many games as possible (restreaming). Yesterday this worked fine for the semi-finals/finals, hope we will find again a lot of guys who are able to stream their games :)

See ya tomorrow,


07-26-2013, 05:33 PM
Registration closes @20:40 CEST - Stream is already online ;)

07-26-2013, 11:02 PM
wow...What a desaster-day :)

Challonge.com-Bracket was ****ing me up...Twitch was ****ing me up...1 billion guys who are not able to read the rules...

...but i think it was still a nice evening and a nice tournament :)

Congratulation to all the winners:

Killahlol = 168.300
Norbiks = 127.500
Infernal_Wisdom = 102.000
Aramahony = 51.000
Ekim43 = 15.300
EaGi3 = 15.300
Cucu99 = 15.300
Mitch.sp = 15.300

and thanks to150 viewers in the peak and 51 participants in the tournament.

Monday the next tournament will take place and the big tournament-league will start. Stay tuned for more informations.