View Full Version : AC3 mp pc problems

07-24-2013, 11:10 PM
Hi i know its unpleasing but im having match making problem for the pc ac3 mp seeems tough to get into a match if i search for a session it finds 6 or 8 tries to connect and puts me into waiting for players screen i play ac3mp from the same internet on ps3 and its smooth and no issues there please any ideas

07-25-2013, 05:01 AM
For the last 3-4 days it has been a real problem for PC users to get parties. Yesterday a cyber-friend and I had to wait for nearly 20 minutes to get enough players to start a session. Perhaps PC players got bored and don't play anymore?

07-26-2013, 01:31 AM
Actually i guess its a problem from ubi's end coz u have medium activity written on FFA and team modes and u have hardly 2-3 matches going on for each mode once i went to team modes it was written high activity lol so there is something wrong i guess on ps3 its fine perfect