View Full Version : Xbox 360 version, please help me

07-24-2013, 01:05 PM
hey guys,

first of all i want to say hi, because im new on these forums.

but my main question is,
i cant a afford an ps4 or xbox one this year, and i really love the AC series and i've got them all on my 360,
ACIII had some lagg and framerate issues on current gen, but will it be wors on ac 4?
i don't care if the graphics are the same as AC3 on current gen only i care about is the performance, i hate game freezes. ( altough in the whole time i played the AC franchise, only AC revelations froze on me once,) i just wanted to know if any of you had an idea of how the performance on current gen (xbox 360 ) will be.
don't mind posting long answers cause i love reading (about games ) haha

well thanks for reading about my worries,

and greets from Holland :D