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07-19-2013, 12:58 AM
I chose the 3 sub days for the downtime to see what it was like. If I settle a 4th + city now while i have the sub, what happens to those cities after the 3 day sub goes away?
Will I lose the city automatically? Or will it be frozen until my 27 days and next city for free player limit is over? Or will I get to keep it since I settled them when I had a sub?

07-19-2013, 01:28 AM
You will be asked which cities and heroes you want to remain active. You will not be able to directly interact with any cities or heroes that you did not select. HOWEVER, the passive activities in the region and passive abilities of the heroes will continue to function. For example, if you unselect a hero who had a gold boosting artifact and the charismatic leader skill, the city that he is staying in will receive the gold boost and the creature growth rate will be increased. Your city's mines will keep producing while it is inactive too. If you have a relay set up in the region and programmed to deliver to an active city, you can still receive materials produced in the mines of the inactive city.

You can never travel to an inactive city to defend it, retrieve troops, or any other such activity, so be sure you strip it down (especially of all army troops) before you deactivate it.

With an interior city (not exposed to enemy attacks) you can gain quite a lot from these "inactive" cities and heroes as a non-sub. But you have to prep them well. And as you mentioned, when you are entitled to your next free slot, you can fully reactivate them and they will function normally.