View Full Version : Half Damage Rounding

07-15-2013, 08:04 PM
While I conceptually like the idea of certain creatures taking less damage from certain sources. Half-damage rounded down seems like it is overkill. How about half-damage period (where the half damage is tracked) or at the very least half damage, rounded down at the end of turn, so that if you have the damage between multiple sources you can still kill it. So for example, hitting a 4 toughness incorporal creature with 3 and 5 physical damage would kill it.

As a side benefit, most of the creatures with this ability are in the Necro faction, which also happens to be the faction most in need of nerfing.

07-15-2013, 08:23 PM
There's just as many half damage creatures in Stronghold, only their version works against magic rather than physical damage. And let's not forget The Might of Nature.

Randomly nerfing stuff from Necropolis isn't the way to bring them in line. Not that this would be a very noticeable nerf, other than for Fleshbane decks perhaps (which aren't exactly the strongest Necro builds right now). So I disagree with that argument.

That said, I'm not really opposed to the idea. It makes sense mechanically; dealing 3 damage twice should be better than dealing 4 damage once. I just don't think it is necessary, and it complicates things a bit too much. Half points of damage are weird, and deferring the rounding until the end of the turn would be even weirder in practice. The amount of damage a Pao Deathseeker or Insect Swarm deals to a creature should only depend on the current board state, not stuff that happened earlier that turn.

07-16-2013, 11:08 AM
Tracking half damage sounds a bit too complicated.

I like half damage round off, because it adds some depth to certain games.

I play Necro myself, and using Incorporal to block non magic creatures with Odd power is part of the tactic. But it's also a risk, because if they pump with Week of the Merc of Dancing Flames you suddenly take more damage than expected.

I also think they kept the half damage rounded down in consideration when designing the various cards that use it.