View Full Version : poll: which magic type needs re-doing completly?

Ravens Klaws
07-14-2013, 11:45 PM
which magic type was/is the worst in might and magic and needs improving/you feel could have been balanced and done better?
fire:all attack no support, immolation is near useless and torchlight can be bypassed by using an old survival horror gaming trick. turning the screens brightness up.
air:all support but no attacks at all, however contains the ever useful spells flying,jump,feather fall and the most useful spell of all, wizards eyes.
water:again all support no attack, but contains lloyds beacon, town portal and enchant item which are only usable at GM.
earth:contains both attack and support, but its attacks can be hard to aim and predict, and its best support is stone skin which boosts your armour.
light:the ultimate support, but weak to useless in battle unless your against the undead, which other magic can do anyway.
dark:far too overpowered. contains pain split which means any damage you take they also take, nuke is obvious and the lazy way to get gold but got toned down in mm8 and possibly the most broken spell of all, souldrinker which means you not only damage all enemies on screen, but get some of their hp to heal your party as well.
spirit body and mind change often between games and i can't remember their spells anwyay but they will be options.:cool:

07-16-2013, 07:37 AM
So, MM8 is the base for the poll?

air:all support but no attacks at all
water:again all support no attack
You're very wrong here. Nothing in regular magic schools gets close to Poison Spray and Sparks. Dark magic surely beats it with Shrapmetal.
I'd say Mind and Earth are mostly useless, Dark and Water certainly overpowered.

Ravens Klaws
07-17-2013, 03:25 PM
ive never used those attacks, always regarded them as being too weak and poision sprays effect to rarely hit and the sparks mines to do more damage to me than the enemy.
as i said dark magic is game breakingly overpowered especially by 8. got a problem?nuke it! need more health?souldrink! feel like melee combat? pain reflect!
its no surprise shrapnel is also GBOP.
but thats why its multichoice :)
everyone plays this game different.