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07-12-2013, 07:25 PM
So, as Necros we have a couple of cards which allow us to sacrifice our own creatures - yet only (as far as I see) is, in special situations, useful: Rite of Necromantic Transfer (sacrfice a Banshee to revive an Atropos and you know what I'm talking about). Even this card doesn't really see any play, though.
Worse: Altar of Spider Goddess is an uncommon, which, while offering interesting new tactics, is simply too bad. Often enough you draw 2 cards (Health 3-4) making it a worse Forgotten cave - and even if you sacrifice a creature with 5+ health, it is barely worth it. There are only a couple of creatures with much health while having low CMC (Hangman Tree, Soul Consuming Lich. That would be about it I guess), and you need these at full health to beat it!

My suggestion is to simply lower the cost of it. Make it cost only 1 seems fair enough, since you still need to sacc a high creature to gain anything from it. Another idea would be to let it draw cards equal the health - yet that seems a bit overpowered in combination with soul consuming lich (6 new cards for one creature, one card and three mana?! ...).
What do you guys think of it...?

07-12-2013, 11:45 PM
totally agree