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Chaining Shadow
07-10-2013, 09:22 PM
Hello everyone,
I'm currently writing an Assassin's Creed V story on FanFiction.net and I need someone who looks just a bit like Ezio to pose for the cover

The story is about the illegitimate son of Ezio so it would be nice to have Fabio Auditore (The son) on the cover.
So if you think you should be on the cover of 'Assassin's Creed V The Pieces of Eden' than send me a PM.
if you think you look like any other character in my story you can send me a PM, I'll give you my email and you send me an email or PM with a picture on which you look like one of the Characters listed below. If you want get a better 'view' of the Characters, here's the story: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9439713/1/Assassin-s-Creed-V-The-Pieces-of-Eden

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Ezio Auditore da Firenze - Assassin (Italian)
Fabio Amelio / Fabio Auditore da Venezia - Assassin (Italian)
Giulia Amelio, Fabios mother - courtesan and tailor (Italian)
Jegor Hacko, Fabios best friend - Assassin and Blacksmith apprentice (Croatian)
Scilla Viano, Fabios girlfriend - Merchant and secret courtisan-like assassin (Half Italian, Half Greek)
Captain Roko, friend of Fabio and Jegor - Captain/Sailor (Croatian) must at least look like 40 years old
Leonardo Da Vinci - Engineer and everything (Italian)
David - Blacksmith (Nobody seems to know where he's from)
Yuri Altorff, Fabios "Arch enemy" - Templar (Half German, Half Croatian)
Michael Altorff, Brother of Yuri - Templar (Half German, Half Croatian)
Hanz Altorff, Father of Michael and Yuri - Templar (German)

And of course there are the guards:
Normal Guard (Militia)
Militia were the lowest ranking guards, and wore very little armor. They also had the lowest morale, and were likely to flee a battle if they were losing.
Militia could be found almost everywhere, and wielded a large variety of medium-ranged weapons.

Decurio (Elite)
Elites were stronger than Militia, and wore a moderate amount of armor. They could withstand more damage, and were capable of dodging enemy attacks.
They were also more courageous than Militia, but could still be forced to retreat, especially if their Leader (or a high-ranking specialized guard) should be killed near them

Leaders were the best fighters, and the most tenacious of all the regular guards. They wore slightly more armor than the Elites, and had distinct, full-faced helmets.
They were resilient, and could withstand several attacks before they could be killed. They were also harder to disarm, as well as resistant to being grabbed

Centurions (Captains)
Captains of the Renaissance were usually found leading contingents of lower-ranked soldiers. They fought similarly to Leaders, but were more heavily and intricately armored, with full feathered helms.
Twelve Borgia Captains were particularly distinguished members of this rank, and led troops at each of Rome's twelve Borgia Towers. They were armored identically to other Captains, but wore white capes with the Borgia crest.

Archers and crosbow men
Archers were guards armed with longbows, who patrolled rooftops and watched for possible enemies below.[2] Outside of cities, they were posted on elevated watchtowers.[
Crusader Archers wore the same uniforms as the standard guards of their faction, though they also had white hoods.

The Arquebusiers (also called Gunmen or Riflemen) were firearm-wielding soldiers who patrolled rooftops, protected high-value locations, and guarded important people.
Though Arquebusiers did not have as great a range as Crossbowmen, what they lacked in distance, they made up for in power. Their shots dealt significant damage to both targets and enemy armor. In the Renaissance, they wore heavy armor and full helmets, as well as belts of gunpowder and ammunition

Agiles were lightly-armored, quick moving guards. They were one of the types capable of outrunning Assassins, and were also skilled free-runners. They more commonly fled to alert nearby guards, rather than face an enemy directly.

Brutes were the most heavily-armored guards during the Renaissance. They moved slowly due to the two-handed weapons they wielded, but compensated through resilience and power.

Seekers were guards who, as their name suggested, would search through hiding places, on the suspicion that an Assassin had taken refuge within one. They always wielded polearms, such as spears and halberds.

Papal guards (The strongest type of guard in AC brotherhood)
Papal guards were very powerful elite soldiers that had years of special training.
They combined the best qualities of all the other specialized guards, being very powerful in battle, as well as quick on their feet.
They wore intricate black and gold armor, as well as long dark capes, metal face masks and plumed helmets. They also wore crests painted on their chest guards, either displaying the crossed keys of the Papacy, or (in the 16th century) the red bull of the Borgia.

Well, hope you like it and reply if you want to.