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Ravens Klaws
07-10-2013, 08:34 PM
deleted as the post was being trolled.
this post is worded and improved better in the post "about the freemage"

07-11-2013, 12:46 AM
I don't agree Ravensklaw. The Druid was a perfectly playable character in MM7 and he couldn't GM any magic school. Was he the most effective character? No, he wasn't and for some reason he had really brutal promotion quests, which made playing him harder than it needed to be. I don't think the Freemage will be worthless and the developers must not either, otherwise they wouldn't have added him to their default party.

07-11-2013, 04:34 AM
ok so i asked about the freemage if she/he will be able to GM magic, and they said yes the freemage would be able to GM a few magic schools.
don't get me wrong, but wouldn't that make her effectivly useless? i mean the magic(mages/sorcerer/necromancer)side of things has always had one advantage
and only one reason people pick that class, because it was the only one that could GM all offensive magic.
if this few only involves say..fire and water. that would make the class useless because it could eaisly be replaced by other, more useful characters that can do that same magic meaning there would be no need to ever use the magic class.
well i know one class im not picking.
then again they didn't explain what 'few' was.
as for the GM magic itself i have rarely found the GM magic to be that impressive at all in 7 or 8.
what do you think?

I also do not agree.

If anything, the Sorcerer in previous games was too powerful, being able to GM in all elemental schools plus light/dark. That's why you see LPs where people go 4 Sorcerers, or 3 and 1 Knight. And it worked out too, because (other than early-game) you could just blast through enemies with offensive spells and magic potions. The Freemage will probably be a better balance between all the available schools.

07-12-2013, 03:19 PM
deleted as the post was being trolled.

Dude, come on now. People respectfully and politely rebutting your position is not "trolling".

Good thing I already quoted the OP...

07-15-2013, 07:27 PM
Hi all,

Just a quick post to let you know that there is some more info about the Freemage on the blog (https://mightandmagicx-legacy.ubi.com/opendev/blog/post/view/51e42337888ef61c59000004).

Anna (LE-Larissa)