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07-09-2013, 09:23 PM
Ubisoft says in the forums that a patch was released today for the PS3. I have not been home to verify and try out how it works, but I copied and pasted what the patch is said to include. Lets hope it helps us all out.

Attention Lanista's:

Recently we have released a new patch for PlayStation 3 users. Below, we have listed the changes that you will see within the game after you download this patch.

1. Online Matchmaking now offers a more robust matching solution for online gameplay. This can be verified by attempting to start a match at the same time or by attempting to play with gladiators of differing skill level. Based on the new system, players will be matched against other players of a similar threat rating.

2. Gameplay is smoother in Spectucula and Insulae.

3. Shadows are now appearing for all character body parts in-game and in the Ludus.

4. The Bank menu has been updated to include real-money prices for gold bundles.

5. Users can manually scroll through the descriptions in the Bank for Gold Bundles.

6. Gamertags added to HUD during gameplay.

7. Trophy updated to v1.01 due to change in Japanese descriptions.

8. Memory Optimizations to increase stability across all Districts.

9. Uplay text and messaging fixes.

10. Fixed bug in Uplay password creation.

Website link here: http://spartacuslegends.com/2013/07/...ion-3-patch-1/

07-10-2013, 01:22 PM
hm, I dont see any change in ragequitting problem here.....also many people complain that the loading times doubled after the patch.
We dont need shadows, we dont need prices for gold ingame.
We need private fights, offline multiplayer and no lags during online gaming - for PS3 this is because the are taking ridiculous amount of time to release it in EU, all the EU PS3 owners, who play this game (as myself) have US accounts, which could be the reason of laggy online gameplay.

07-10-2013, 02:39 PM
I don't think the lag is from you being in EU. It lags on us all, but after playing last night I have to admit it is running much better than it was. I only had one online match drop, and only froze up twice on loading screens. Luckily I did not lose one of my purple players, and instead lost a green. I do like the shadows, and the online matchmaking that has been added. By matching with people near my warriors rating I feel no one intentionally left a match, but internets were unstable on those couple matches.