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07-08-2013, 01:36 AM
Hey guys,
why is there always a male assassin. how is it about to make the new main character a cool woman?

its illogically when ALL ancestors of Desmond are males. i would like to play a great femme fatale assassin!! :p

What do you all think about this?

07-08-2013, 02:14 AM
Hello and welcome to the Forums :)
If you have a PS Vita check out AC Liberation starring Aveline! :)

07-08-2013, 06:37 AM
I sure dont want to be stuck with female character. Would be nice as an option through.

07-08-2013, 02:13 PM
I think it should work. Although I wonder what is the extent of the Bleeding Effect? Can the animus user start adopting the personality and behaviors of the ancestor without knowing it. Can a male start thinking that they're female?

And ACB mentioned a Subject 15, who was pregnant... that's another problem revolving the animus that has yet to be resolved. Will the mother start acting like the father... or, even as a baby?

07-08-2013, 07:03 PM
And ACB mentioned a Subject 15, who was pregnant...

WUT? where? was it part of the glyphs thing?

07-08-2013, 07:24 PM
Lucy mentioned it when they arrived at Monteriggioni. She brought it up because Desmond was trying to access the last memory in ACB, but Ezio's memory-within-the-memory kept disrupting Desmond's focus. She compared this to Subject 15 who was pregnant. The memories of the father from the fetus and the memories of the mother were competing against each other.

07-09-2013, 01:54 PM
Thanks @ black_window9, seems like im not the only one who had this idea of a female assassin :D

@ureh good argument!! maybe thats the reason that desmond always has male antecedents - but maybe one time there is no desmond anymore and we got a new&female person in the animus :))