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07-05-2013, 06:38 PM
I've been playing for a while, and what I feel is what this game is really missing is a way for you to counter certain abilities/strategies on your opponent's turn. I feel that a new expansion that brings abilities like this to the field would be incredibly fun. But how to implement is the question. I have an idea which would be interesting and hopefully balanced.

The idea I have is activatable cards from your hand. On your turn, you can "activate" a card, which gives the effect of surrounding it with a glow/colored effect in your hand. When your opponent does a certain action, the card is activated in your hand, you meet the requirements of the card (might/magic/command), and have enough supply left over from your previous turn, the card then takes effect. Some ideas could be countering a creature/fortune/spell card, destroying a creature attacking you, or teleporting one of your/your opponent's creatures to a battle location.

As an example, let's make up a card called Spike Trap for 4 magic/3 command/4 supply, effect: Destroy the next non-flying creature to attack you directly. The creature's damage is nullfied. On your turn you activate it and have 6 supply left over. Your opponent has no idea you have the card in hand activated, and lays down a kitten warrior. He then pumps up the kitten warrior, goes for the kill, but since you have 6 supply, you automatically use 4 of it to activate the trap and destroy the creature. If, however, you did not have at least 4 supply left over, then the card doesn't activate and remains unplayed in your hand.

Example 2: "Teleported" (2 magic, 1 command, 2 supply) effect: The next time your opponent plays a creature, you choose where it is placed. The position must be legal. This is an example of how a truly threatening creature could be placed in position where it can't do much damage and your opponent has to rethink their next turn.

Example 3: "Unexpected guard" (2 command, 1 supply), "The next time your opponent plays a creature, this card activates. You may play a creature from you hand in a legal position, provided you meet the requirements of the card (supply included). Unless the creature has charge, it cannot attack and is immobilized on your next turn." This is an interesting example, where the effect of a card can fail to work. For example, your opponent may have just forced you to discard two random cards, and now you have no creature to play, but the card is still "activated". The card is used, but not creature is played.

Example 4: "Counter creature" (X magic, X supply) "When activated, you choose a number X. The next time your opponent tries to play a creature of might X, and you have X supply, the creature is sent to the graveyard and its On Enter effects are not triggered." This is an example of how you can target a specific cost when activating a card and how it can target a specific situation. Similar cards could also work for spells and fortunes.

Example 5: "Counterspell" (5 magic, 2 command, 5 supply) "The next time a spell is played by your opponent, you may choose to negate it. If you do not, this card returns to your hand, and you lose 1 magic." This is an example of a powerful card, where you may be able to choose not to use the activated card, but at the same time take a punishment for "saving it for later". It is also an exmaple of how a card could be activated in your hand, but you do not meet the requirements to play it (if your magic falls below 5).

I feel like this would bring a lot more strategy to the game. With the constant threat from an unknown source of danger from your opponent, I believe that it would cause players to think more about their turns and bring more enjoyment to the game in general.

Let me know what you think please, and if possible contribute your own ideas.

Disclaimer: The examples I used were quick ideas to demonstrate different ways to use the "activated cards" idea, and should not be considered balanced by cost/effect. I am also not sure if this was the right part of the board to post this, feel free to move it to another section of the forums if I posted in the wrong area (new idea for future exansions).

07-16-2013, 12:18 PM
I think something like this has been suggested more often, a little like how Trap cards work in Yu-Gi-Oh.

I believe these traps has problems there, because it was often super obvious which traps were used.
In MMDOC this would be even more the case with spell School and faction cards.
This could mean it's really easy to play around them, or it's super frustrating because there are 4 good card opponent could have activated and you CANT play around them.

There are also timing issies is you get to choose something after the card is activated ( like position on battlefield or creature in hand)
The game uses a 2 minute clock a turn, or 7 minute clock total. When 2 players get to do things, the times would have to switch in the middle of the turn.
I'm not saying this isnt something that COULD be done, but I think it would be tricky in the current client.

And personally I like how you can "calcullate" your turn and play it out as planned, without any surprises.
Also keep in mind this game is based on a Turn Bases Stratagy game, so getting to use cards only during your own turn fits flavour wise.

07-16-2013, 08:15 PM
like the idea of activated cards that trigger during the opps turn.

dislike the examples where the (waiting) player makes any actions as selecting a location (due to the mentioned timer issues).

but any automatically triggering and resolving cards seem nice.

07-17-2013, 08:06 AM
There are also ways to mimic this with in-game cards that provide possible interactions.

1. You could play some spells/fortunes face-down on rows, and they reveal when triggered.
2. Some creatures could have an ability that triggers on a condition, but only if you have resources remaining from last turn to pay for it.

the later wouldn't really be a "surprise" but it would provide another source of tactical choice. A creature could "grow" in stature or get an ability if the opponent does "something" to trigger it. Sanctuary could have a creature that gains Honor each time the opponent plays a Fortune, provided you have (and it can thus expend) 1 Resource.

07-18-2013, 02:54 PM
One thing is sure; we will not have cards that plays during your opponent's turn. It creates too many problems.

For those reasons, it's hard for us to create cards that works as a counter spell. We're exploring traps and other ideas, it's always interesting to see what players come up with. The hardest thing about those cards is finding the right power/fun level, for both players.

08-27-2013, 04:25 PM
Power/fun level imbalance hasn't stopped You in the past... Personally, I like the current system, IMHO it's one of the few things DoC did wonderfully well.