View Full Version : question about ai fighters

07-05-2013, 12:47 AM
i recently ragequitted after losing a fight in the first district to some overpowered nightmare (unarmed, very fast, instantly gets out of grabs, instantly counterattacks, etc etc) and went to bed. after rising the next day i found that another fighter had replaced him (oenomaus or something like that). he was pretty much the same as the other guy, only with a sword and shield instead. anyways, my main question is this: do the ai in this game swap out every now and then after a set amount of time?

my other question is this: how does i keel him? i've tried again and again. he's so darned strong. he literally does the same moves i do but somehow twice as fast XD

it may help to mention i am running the 360 version of this game. and that im a total newb/nub/failure of a human.. dammit this game keeps getting to me XD