View Full Version : Tip: discount on weps/armors when you achieve higher fame ranks

07-03-2013, 12:29 PM
So as you rank up, new weps/armors are added for you to be able to purchase. Some of these items have a fame rank in the left upper corner of their pic. If you achieve that fame rank, then the item will be offered at a discounted price! For example there was a weapon that I liked but it cost 15g; when I selected it basically it said this item has not been "unlocked" yet but once you achieve the fame rank required it will cost 11000 silver; it then asks you if you want it right away and are willing to pay this higher price... I said no since I can wait lol :D. Some of the weps/armors that cost gold will still cost gold, but the discount is still pretty good.

You can check the discount for any of the weps/armors by selecting it, BUT DON'T CONFIRM THE PURCHASE... otherwise you'll buy it.

Just a head's up to ppl who might not know.