View Full Version : match freeze/server lost connection triggers warning and potential gladiator loss

07-02-2013, 10:36 PM
This happened to me twice with 2 different gladiators vs the CPU.

The first time was when I won and it froze when the camera zooms in on my gladiator; at that point had to do a hard reset on my PS3. Restarted my PS3, relogged into the game and got the warning that the crowd was angry for me withdrawing and that the next time my gladiator would be killed.

The second time was with a different gladiator; when I beat the CPU and they landed on the ground, the game froze for a bit then ultimately the screen said it had lost connection to the Spartacus Legends server (note: I was still connected to PSN tho). When I pressed start on the main menu and re-entered the game, I received the same warning.

I'm sure others have encountered this as well; apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere; just thought I would add it to the bug report part of the forum.