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07-01-2013, 07:08 AM
Hey fellas,

Hoping you can help,

Is there a way to make Connor run quietly ... I have seen some footage where by he doesnt run on with full momentum but rather quietly,

Secondly, does shooting arrow spoil your stealth ? im not sure how it works in regards to stealth and arrows ...

Thank you fellas.

07-01-2013, 02:08 PM
Hello fella,

Don't know if there is an option to run quietly. Can you link us to one of the vids? As far as I can remember they let us sprint up to any guard (even the ones on rooftops) and they still won't detect us as long as they're facing away. I'm sure you remember, back in the older games the rooftop guards could hear you if you try to run/sprint.

The Bow/Arrows aren't as overpowered as Ezio's crossbow. Guards can detect you more easily even if you shoot the arrow from a tree or any low elevated area.
1. You have to be high enough (go to one of the big ships, climb up to one of the crow's nests at the top of the masts; this'll give you an idea of how high you have to be to remain undetected while using the bow - without having to hide).
2. Choose your target wisely (some guards can absorb more than one shot which will instantly alert them to your presence iirc).
3. Use the Free Aim camera to increase your range for certain situations and to choose specific targets (hold the lock-on button, it's L1 for ps3).
4. Most importantly, shoot them from a vantage point that'll allow you to obscure yourself from the guard's line of sight (ex: after you shoot the arrow, quickly walk/run to hide behind something so they don't see you. if you're on the edge of a rooftop just walk back quickly before they spot you but also take into consideration the height of the building).
5. You can use the bow on the ground too but make sure the guard is alone (and when you've lvl 2 notoriety or higher, make sure they're facing away from you first. otherwise in the time that you ready the bow and draw the string they've already likely entered high conflict which might draw any nearby guards). Keep experimenting and practicing, you'll get it eventually.

Good luck and have fun.

08-24-2013, 02:21 PM
Hi Ureh,

It seems I got it , in regards to sprinting your right, I can run up right behind the guards and they wont hear me , the only challenge is they can be turning thier back anytime they are very random :p

As for the bow , I realised that the guard must be alone or at least far away from his friends so they wont hear it when it hits.

Thank you :)

09-23-2013, 06:16 AM
Overdraw does more damage as well (press and hold the fire button briefly before releasing instead of tapping it) and can score you a double kill if aimed right :) Position yourself so that you have 2 guys in a straight line (so you can't really see the second guy) and hit em with an overdraw... one of my fave attacks :)

*EDIT* Scored 3 in 1 hit last night! WOOT